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Labels That We Love - Candle Labels | StickerShop

23 May, 2022

Labels That We Love 5 - Candle Labels

At their core, stickers and labels are supposed to perform a function: to inform and persuade a buyer. But we want to take a moment to appreciate the elements that go beyond functionality. The creativity and artistry put into all the labels on this list are what make them really stand out. This is the next part of our series on all kinds of labels we find inspiring, including wine, coffee, and beer, and in this instalment, we’ll be exploring our favourite candle labels.

Did you know that it’s really easy to create your own personalised candle labels too? If any of these inspire you, you might want to try making your own.

Ampersand - Molten Amber

Ampersand Bougie Parfumee candle with stuck on label

Why we love it: Dark, classy, and minimalistic, we’re starting off the list with Ampersand’s Molten Amber. The elegant white lines on black ooze sophistication, and the minimalist lettering comes together with the logo for a sleek, modern design.

What’s extra fun is that the brand isn't afraid to be self-aware with the product name ‘Bougie Parfumee’. This is a candle that owns its identity.

Willow & Finn - And Relax

A lit Willow & Finn candle with paper sticker design

Why we love it: This label from Willow & Finn is as comforting and cosy as its name implies. The dark label compliments the classic brown glass container, creating a colour scheme that’s very gentle on the eyes.

The design is subtle and soft — it matches the brand’s messaging and evokes feelings of relaxation. We especially love the natural touch created by the cursive font and leaf artwork.

First Light Candle - La Montana

Image of First Light La Montana candle with designed label

Why we love it: The soft acid wash colours and vibrant illustration in this label capture the gorgeous scene of a mountain at dawn, working together with the evocative scent to help transport you away. The La Montana label is a work of art in its own right. You can almost feel the morning’s breeze rustling through the lush vegetation on the label, carrying with it this candle’s unique herbal scent,

Eym - Standard Candle

A photo of an Eym Standard candle with pink designed label stuck on

Why we love it: Clean, clear, bright, and minimal, the label doesn’t over clutter with information, instead simply showcasing the brand name and the type of candle it is from the range. From further away, the background looks like a simple block of colour, but upon closer inspection, a subtle pattern creates an interesting texture and a premium feel.

Our Lovely Goods - Into The Woods

Image of an Our Lovely Goods Into The Woods candle with white stuck on label

Why we love it: Continuing with the clean and minimal design from Eym, Our Lovely Goods have chosen a traditional brown jar to offset the bright white label. The earthy tones emphasise the natural scents and handcrafted quality of the candle. Exactly what you’d expect from a classy candle producer.

Kaiyu Studio - White Tea & Sage

Photo of a Kairu Studio White Sage and Tea scented candle showing the green label design

Why we love it: Kaiyu Studio’s soft sage-coloured label matches the refreshing sage scent and exemplifies the product description of ‘embracing the modern spirit of wellness’ to ‘support your journey to balance and harmony to both body and mind’. Inspired by Asian scents and hand-poured in Manchester, UK, we love how the soothing green and white pair with the clear glass of the jar.

How to make your own personalised candle labels

Creating professional, attractive labels is easier than you might think. With StickerShop, ordering is as simple as choosing your material and shape and uploading your artwork. Whether you need custom stickers printed for a quick UK delivery, bespoke labels for candles, bottles, or even address labels for shipping, you can find them here.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help.


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