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Labels That We Love 2: Coffee | StickerShop

21 Apr, 2022

Labels That We Love 2 - Coffee Labels

We know that you should never judge a book by its cover — but packaging can certainly be a powerful tool in presenting your product and expressing your brand, and custom labels are a great way to do this. Whether you go minimal and elegant or bright and eye-catching, bespoke stickers and labels can attract the right kinds of customers to your business. 

Previously, we looked at some of our favourite wine labels. Now, it’s time to explore some enticing coffee labels. Read on to learn about creative packaging from roasteries across the UK. And perhaps these fantastic designs can inspire your own personalised coffee labels!


Presto - House Espresso

Presto Coffee Bag with Printed Label


Why we love it: This House Espresso label from presto keeps things simple and sophisticated. Presto’s classic colour palette and minimalist design connect the signature Italian roast coffee beans with Italian culture and style. Understated yet effective, this packaging allows the coffee to speak for itself.


Small Batch - Colombia 


Small Batch Coffee Bag with Printed Label


Why we love it: With a similar focus on a minimalist colour palette, this Colombian blend from Brighton-based roastery, Small Batch, features an elegantly simple label design. Light brown text and detailing contrast against the dark black packaging and give a rustic look. The map imagery retains a sense of classic charm while giving the customer information about the coffee’s origin. 

Key to the label, too, is the Small Batch logo — three small domes in homage to the iconic Brighton Pavilion rooftop. 


Triple Co Roast - BS1 Espresso


Printed Label On Triple Co Roast Coffee Bag


Why we love it: Triple Co named their espresso after the central Bristol postcode — a lovely way to honour the roastery’s home city. As well as including a name that’s sure to charm locals, the BS1 Espresso bag is quirky and eye-catching. Wavy panels of blue, black and green cover most of the packet, while a black and white sticker in the centre brings a nice touch of contrast. 

This label includes key information on the coffee variety, process, and tasting notes. The text is clear, well-spaced out, and easy to read with a fun font — all crucial elements of great label design.


Boona Boona - El Salvador Grupo 


Boona Boona - Printed Label on Coffee Bag


Why we love it: A plain white pouch is the perfect backdrop for Boona Boona’s El Salvador Grupo label’s striking illustration. Colourful and intricate, the main image on this coffee packaging depicts the unique landscape of El Salvador, where the beans originate from. It’s sure to draw attention.


Extract Coffee - Sugarcane Decaf


Extract Coffee Label and Bag


Why we love it: Rather than blending in, this Sugarcane Decaf coffee label uses a fabulous bright pink colour and animal print to make a statement. A mixture of black and white text in different fonts ensures the wording stands out without becoming too chaotic. We particularly appreciate the nod to Bristol’s graffiti scene, evoked by the leopard imagery.


Girls Who Grind - Maragogype 


Boza Sisters Printed Label on Coffee Pot


Why we love it: The Wiltshire-based Girls Who Grind Coffee opted for a bottle rather than a pouch for their Maragogype coffee beans from Boza Sisters. This quirky format is already an ingenious way to attract attention but a bright orange band also highlights the label’s key information for easy reading. 

What’s more, a fun tiger sticker on the bottle lid encapsulates the female-led brand’s dedication to empowering women in the coffee industry.


Hard Lines - House Party 


Printed Label on Hard Lines Coffee Bag


Why we love it: With its pastel tones and intriguing illustration, this House Party coffee label from Hard Lines might just be our ultimate favourite. The Cardiff roastery turns traditional coffee packaging on its head, creating a real conversation starter.


Personalised stickers and labels from StickerShop

Which of these fabulous coffee labels is your favourite? If you’re looking to create your own stickers and labels — whether for coffee, food, events, or any other purpose — it’s easy with StickerShop. With a range of styles and materials and a straightforward ordering process, creating bespoke stickers and labels has never been simpler. 

Get started now, or feel free to contact us with any questions.





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