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Labels That We Love: Wine Bottles | StickerShop

29 Mar, 2022

Labels That We Love 1 - Wine Bottles

We love all things labels and stickers at StickerShop. So we thought we'd dedicate a blog series to showcasing our favourite designs across different sectors, from familiar brands to exciting bespoke artwork. First up: wine bottle labels!

Wine labels have a long history — the ancient Egyptians started the art in around 1500 BC. Originally boasting a clay imprint to show the year the wine was made and the grape variety, wine labels now inform but also inspire with sophisticated or playful designs. Here are six of the best to help you create your own fresh and exciting designs.

Koppitsch, Homok

Bottle Label of Koppitsch Homok 2020


Why we love it: When you drink rosé, you think of summer sun and fun times. And that's exactly the vibe this playful and straightforward label conjures up. 

‘Homok’ means ‘sand’ in Hungarian which is reflected in the graphic sandcastle, while the gorgeous pastel colours perfectly complement the colour of the wine itself. One glance at this label and you're automatically transported to a summer's day sipping a glass on the beach!

Faustine Rosé Abbatucci

Wine Bottle Sticker of Faustine Rosé Abbatucci


Why we love it: Another rosé label, but this Italian design couldn't be more different. Elegant and sophisticated, this wine label simply oozes class. 

What's striking is how the producers have added their own twist on the traditional. Note the squared-off corners of the label and the contemporary colour choice. 

The contrast of the soft pale grey against the blush pink of the wine creates an effortlessly classical and romantic look that gives this brand wonderful authenticity.

Chin Chin, Vinho Verde

Chin Chin Vinho Verde Wine Bottle Sticker


Why we love it: Vinho Verde is a Portuguese wine with a reputation for being tart yet fizzy. It’s a delicate wine that means business. We think this bold and bright label perfectly captures the origins of this 'green wine' by breaking away from traditional wine label design.

The zinginess and energy of the wine are perfectly captured in local artist Jose Miguel Mendez's excellent contemporary label. Unique and packed with pizzazz, this design guarantees you sit up and take notice — and grab a bottle off the shelf.

Black Book, "Slow Disco" Sauvignon Blanc

Black Book Slow Disco Wine Label Design


Why we love it: This bottle label is all about the combination of dynamic logo and graphic boldness. Blue and yellow are complementary colours and bring freshness and brightness to the design without being overwhelming. 

Text is kept to a minimum, and the contemporary interplay of lines and curves perfectly compliments this urban wine produced in a railway arch in Battersea. 

We think the label really captures the modern vibe of the winemaker. The name 'slow disco' also references a great song, inviting us to drink a "glass for the saints."

Ancre Hill, Orange Wine

Ancre Hill Orange Wine Bottle Label Design


Why we love it: It's the cheeky nod to the classic Kubrick film with the iconography of the single eyelash rimmed eye that elevates this wine bottle label. The designer even replaces the original bowler hat with a traditional Welsh hat, giving the design great wit and authenticity. 

It's a clever twist that plays on the name of the wine and its origin, telling you everything you need to know in one bold and striking image. With a single eye-catching graphic, Ancre Hill has created a brand identity that makes their bottle a real standout.

Tillingham Pinot Blanc

Tillingham Pino Blanc Sticker Design


Why we love it: This stunning label makes a virtue out of minimalism. So if you want to compete against brighter and busier brands, this is a great approach.

It's all about the custom shape of the pure white label, reflecting the fact that this is a white wine. It's a printed label that proves that having the confidence to understand that less is more can make your label design a real showstopper.

Print your own wine bottle labels

We hope you enjoyed our choice of wine labels and that it's given you inspiration for your own designs. 

With StickerShop, it’s quick, easy, and affordable to get your own bottle labels printed. Take a look at our collection or get in touch if you have any questions.


See you next time for volume 2 of 'Labels That We Love'! With some more of our favourites from another category of products.




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