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Metallic Vinyl Stickers

Metallic Printed Stickers

Our custom printed metallic stickers leave a great first impression! Our new UV print technology means you can print high impact graphics with super opaque white inks to create some amazing looking stickers!

Our metallic stickers are fully waterproof, can be used both indoors and outdoors (UV resistant), and available in any shape or size! We have the option to supply these stickers either planned up on sheets, or as individual metallic stickers for handing out.

Use our interactive sticker builder below to build your perfect sticker, choosing from our 2 colours; Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold, and a choice of gloss or matt finish

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About Metallic Stickers

Our mirror vinyl labels & stickers are our most shiny material we stock. It resembles (you guessed it) a mirror! Often referred to as a polished sticker or shiny metallic sticker, you can achieve some amazing results.

Metallic stickers are growing ever more popular with the desire to have amazing high end labels, making products really stand out, at low costs.

The best part about this mirror sticker material is that it can be cut to any shape or size and can also include perforated cuts, so you have complete control in how your waterproof printed labels will look.

Our shiny mirror vinyl stickers are available in both a Silver, Rose Gold and Gold finish, with a Permanent adhesive.

The waterproof adhesive, along with the waterproof & UV resistant inks means these printed labels can be used outdoors without the worry of smudging when wet.

Available in 3 metallic colours:

Rose Gold


Finishes Available:
Silver, Rose Gold & Gold
Adhesives Available:

Tech Specs:

Film Type:
Polyester, Glossy Metallic
Fire Rating:
Self-extinguishing. The fire rating is a function of the substrate.
REACH and RoHS compliant.

Our other selection of metallic stickers

Mirror Finish

Silver, Rose Gold or Gold

Metallic Finish

Silver or Gold

Brushed Finish

Silver, Rose Gold or Gold

Glitter Finish

A high gloss glittery silver finish

Rainbow Finish

A mirror silver finish with rainbow effect

Holographic Finish

Silver with colourful holographic effect

Artwork top tips:

For best results, we recommend using darker and more punchy colours to ensure there is a good contrast against the metallic material.

Please note, we can now print vibrant white inks onto this material! If you require white ink let us know which areas you would like to be white ink when ordering and we can set it up for you.

If you do not want white ink, any areas that are currently white in your artwork will be un-printed allowing the material to show through. In the example below, you can see the white text of the StickerShop logo appearing to be metallic on the finished product.

How are colours of my artwork affected? Occasionally the colours in your artwork can change very slightly when it's printed on top of the metallic material. This happens more on the gold colour material rather than the silver, as there are more colour pigments in the material. The reason behind this slight colour change is due to our inks being semi-translucent, meaning the base colour can show through the inks. We often recommend using darker colours in your artwork as this stands out against the material much better. Lighter colours can often appear faded. If you require your artwork to not change colour, let us know in the notes and we can add a layer of white ink underneath your print.

Can I print to the edge of the stickers? Yes, we can print your artwork right to the edge of our stickers. This is great if you would like a full coverage print, leaving only certain areas of the artwork to be metallic!

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