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StickerShop Inspiration Page - Printed Stickers and Labels Blog

12 Apr, 2018

Labels Worth a Thousand Words: Top Ways to Use Sticker Labels

Most people associate the word ‘stickers’ to a child’s plaything. However, stickers are much more than this. It can be a powerful marketing tool if used correctly and effectively, especially as product labels.

Each customised label can be used in a variety of ways. In this article, we have listed the top uses of sticker labels to improve the marketing of your business and service to customers and clients.

Label for Giveaways and as Giveaways
We all love getting things for free, and putting sticker labels on your product is a good avenue for people to notice you. Handing out gift packs or sample packs that have labels of your brand is good marketing, especially if the design is amusing and eye-catching. You can even hand out the sticker labels so people can place it on their personal belongings. Avid fans of a certain product or service often stick the brand's label on their cars or laptops. This can be a good method in building brand awareness and can a form of free advertising.

Use it for your Packaging
Customers can get enticed with the product’s packaging. Because of this, the packaging needs to be aesthetically relevant to your brand or company. Effective label design is very important to please your customers so they can be compelled to try out your product or service.

Use it in Window Advertising
If you own a store, then you have the advantage of using your storefront to advertise your products or services. The good thing about decorating your storefront to reflect your brand is that even if your shop is closed you have the opportunity to advertise your business to the passers-by. You also have the option to choose whether you want a big decorative label or just a simple one to promote the services or products of your business. In either case, it is important for it not to be too distracting by employing too many designs, images or styles. It is better to stick with a style that best describes your business.

Floor Decals
Did you know that you can extend your design to your shop’s floor? Not all businesses utilise this advertising space. With a personalised label that is made to capture the attention of your customers, the floor can be as effective as the shop front. Promote your other products and services to those who are already in your store.

Label your Equipment
If your business doesn't have a storefront there is no need to worry. You always have your equipment! Customised labels can be used to brand your equipment. You can choose to stick a label with your logo on it and you have a mini-advertisement.  

These are just some of the ways in which customised labels can be used in a business. As mentioned, once you make use of your labels effectively, it becomes a powerful marketing tool. The secret is to know the designs that can make a label effective and to know where to put it so as to get the maximum exposure.  

The experience of our team helps us at StickerShop to produce the best stickers that you’ll find for your brand’s effective advertising. If you can’t seem to find the right design for your need, then allow us to help you customise your own. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible when it comes to stickers and decals. Don’t hesitate to call us at 01275 217100 or send us a message at You can also visit our website to learn more about our products.


23 Mar, 2018

Basic Design Techniques for Stickers and Signs

Before making your own customised sticker, it is important to plan out your design first to make sure that you are getting the vision you really wanted. In this article, we will enumerate the things that you have to consider when making a design for your customised sticker.
When making sticker and label designs, you have to differentiate the serif and sans serif typeface. Serif typefaces include the font Times New Roman while sans-serif include the font Arial. This differentiation is needed so that we can make a contrast between the ‘readability’ and ‘legibility’ of a design. Sans serif is more legible while serif typefaces are more readable. 

Legibility is the measure of how easy it is to distinguish one letter from another, while readability is the ease of reading words, phrases or blocks of copy. Readability is also dependent on the way the typeface is used.

Did you know that words that start with a capital letter and followed by lower-case letters are more readable than words that have all capital letters? However, if being viewed from afar, words that have all capital letters are more legible.


If you are printing signs or decals, yes size really matters. An inch of a character yields 25 feet of readability. However, the distance between the sticker and the viewer is not the only factor especially if you are putting the sticker on buildings that are read while inside a moving vehicle. You must also consider the speed of traffic in that specific location. 

Outlines and Shadows
If you want to experiment with the contrast and improve your readability, then you have to play with the outlines and shadows of your sticker design. However, don’t be trapped with the colour black. You can play around with different colours depending on your vision.


Having well-organised sticker elements improve its visual appeal. The trick is to avoid using details or backgrounds that conflict one another. As much as possible use the least number of fonts, like two per surface. You may also place a border around your sticker to give the feeling that the designs, colours, and font are tied all together.

When organising a sticker/label layout, there are a lot of ways to do it and this will depend on the designer. You can divide it into quadrants or sometimes into thirds. Whatever works for you and whatever you find comfortable and visually pleasing should be your basis. Keep in mind that most people would read stickers top to bottom, left to right. This is the same way they read a printed page. You have to consider this for you to know where to put the most important elements. Also, avoid having too much space in your sticker design because it would make it look unorganised and disjointed.

To improve your design skills, we suggest that you take a look at well-patterned ads, decals, stickers, labels, banner, and even billboard layouts. This way you can get a feel of what makes a sticker effective and aesthetic. You can also use these visuals as your inspiration for your sticker design.

If you are ready to make your own sticker, visit us! We at StickerShop will be happy to assist you in any way possible when it comes to stickers and decals. Do not hesitate to call us at 01275 217100 or send us a message at You can also visit our website to learn more about our products.


23 Mar, 2018

Why Stickers Are Effective Advertisers for Your Business

It is undeniable that stickers are tested to be effective when it comes to advertising your business. It's one of the earliest forms of advertising that is cost-effective and engaging. Stickers also visualise the logo of the brand the business is wearing and it tells the customers what products and services they are consuming.

So, why are stickers effective advertising for your business?

Stickers are a cost-effective form of advertising. When having stickers printed by bulk, you can get big discounts from sticker printing shops. It can reach a big audience without having to be too expensive. It is also proven to be a better use of your advertising budget than newspaper, TV, radio or billboard ads.

Producing stickers are easy and simple. You don't have to think of any strategic placement on your product or establishment as the design will speak for itself.  Another good thing about these stickers is that you get to target your primary audience and potential customers right away.

People use them
If you did a great job with the sticker design, people will be glad to use it. People who are already loyal to your brand will personalise their possessions by putting your stickers on their things like phones, laptops, guitar cases and more!  

Easy to Create
As mentioned earlier, stickers are simple. If you are creative enough with your sticker design, logo and tagline, your stickers can be a hit. The team that will create your sticker can help you have a design that speaks the vision of your business and they can advise to customise it. The secret is to catch the attention of your audience, but do not overwhelm them! Make sure to only include the important information that you want your target audience to see.

Long Lasting
Stickers are long lasting depending on the standard that you choose. If you chose a high-quality sticker, it’ll stay for a long time and gives you the opportunity to raise brand image, reputation and exposure. The longer lasting the sticker is, the higher the return of investment is.

Here are some ways on how you can use stickers to advertise your business. 

  • Testimonial effect: Stickers can act as personal recommendations especially when seen on other people’s personal items as it means “I associate myself with this brand.” It can also be seen as a sign of approval.
  • Include a sticker with orders and products that you mail out. A well-designed sticker is seen as a gift or freebie rather than a business card.
  • Tie your stickers with other advertising efforts. Spread your brand name through your stickers.
There are a lot of ways in which you can use stickers to connect and communicate your messages to your audience. It is up to you and your creativity to allow the message to reach them. When designing the stickers, you have to take into consideration the target audience, location, and distribution strategy. To achieve your end goal of producing high-quality stickers, you have to look for a company that takes your advertising efforts seriously and will share the same vision as yours.

The experience of our team helps us, at StickerShop, to produce the best stickers that you’ll find for your brand’s effective advertising. If you can’t seem to find the right design for your need, then allow us to help you customise your own. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible when it comes to stickers and decals. Don’t hesitate to call us at 01275 217100 or send us a message at You can also visit our website to learn more about our products.


03 Dec, 2017

The Wonder that is Waterproof Stickers and Labels

The power of an effective sticker or label is often unmatched in terms of advertising and informative properties. However, traditional paper stickers do not offer the versatility that some businesses require in terms of weather resistance and durability.

Opting for waterproof stickers and labels might be the perfect solution for you and your business, so here's a little more information about what they have to offer.

How do they work?
It may seem like an extremely complicated process to waterproof a set of stickers or labels. In reality, however, it’s a lot simpler than you might think. 
There is absolutely no need for a chemical-filled waterproof spray or coating, as many label printing companies like StickerShop rely on a more durable waterproof vinyl. This means that you can still choose from any shapes, lots of different finishes and adhesive types to find the perfect sticker solution for you and your business needs.
Why do you need them?
 1. Make the most of all advertising options
With waterproof labels and stickers, you aren’t bound by advertising constraints of labels that can’t be exposed to the elements. Advertising is everything for businesses, which is why it is important to advertise and market yourselves across multiple mediums. This should include all digital options available to you, in addition to traditional printed mediums. The use of waterproof stickers and labels mean that you can still advertise effectively on car vehicles, windows, or present critical information that you know will be seen. 
 2. Freedom to customise
The flexibility of waterproof stickers also means you don’t have to compromise on design. You can fully represent your business through continued colour schemes, designs, and tagline. Details are important for businesses, and by showing that you’ll take the time to ensure that your brand identity is conveyed on something as small as a sticker or label will suggest to potential customers that you are fully invested in what your company has to offer.
Remember, continuation and consistency is everything when it comes to branding.
 3. Long-lasting
As your labels and stickers will be protected against the elements, you can be sure that they will stay in it for the long-haul. Not only is this a fantastic benefit for those looking to advertise their business, products, services, or critical information for as long as possible, but it also means you can save valuable money on replacement labels. 
 4. Ink and design protection
Labels and stickers are a simple solution that often keeps businesses running smoothly, whether they’re used for organisation tools, information, product description, or business advertising. The last thing you want to worry about, therefore, is any damage occurring, as this could mean you have to spend time and money replacing them. 
This is a durable solution for all sticker and label needs, so you can be sure that the elements will never cause damage with the use of waterproof vinyl and UV inks.
 5. Uses that will help your company expand
Waterproof labels are fantastic for products likely to be exposed to liquid and/or condensation. For any companies producing food and drink, or bath, shower, and makeup/cosmetic products, therefore, waterproof labels are an absolute must. Waterproofing will ensure that product labels remain fixed, no matter how much liquid and condensation they are exposed to them, suitable for freezing, refrigerating, and exposure to steam.
If labels are needed for outdoor use, waterproof vinyl seems like a no-brainer. The British weather is so unpredictable that it’s nice to know that you can trust your labels to stick it out. Come wind, rain, or shine, you can be sure that your labels will stay in place, without the risk of ink-running and peeling. 
The StickerShop offers a fantastic selection of paper, vinyl, and waterproof stickers, that are fully customisable based on your business requirements.


03 Dec, 2017

What does your visual brand identity say about your business?

 Brand identity is important for every business. It represents how you want to be perceived by your customers. If your business has a particular set of values, goals, or products, then the brand identity seeks to advertise this in the best possible way. Your business's brand identity is cultivated through the use of a name, logo, tagline, typeface, and colour scheme. 
Visual branding, as an offset of your brand identity, is how you visually present this perception. If used well, your audience engagement could significantly improve, used incorrectly, and potential consumers could be left feeling confused and uninformed.
To avoid the latter, it’s important that you ask some very specific questions when looking to develop your visual brand identity.
Does it effectively represent your business personality and products?
If you want your business to reflect a specific personality or set of values, this can all be portrayed in your visual brand identity. Use of colour, imaging, and font are your primary tools here, so it’s vital that you make the most of them. Bold colours convey a playful and energising personality, whereas darker or monochrome colours offer a more serious and sombre persona. For a feminine feel, softer colours floral patterns, and clean and simple text are extremely effective. If your business prescribes to a specific set of ethics – eco-friendly, for example – the use of green, earthy colours, images of the world, and highlighted text sections will present this.
Equally, your business is trying to sell a specific product or service. If that service is not represented in your visual branding, your audience may become confused and won’t want to inquire further. 
Does it identify/target a specific demographic?
Before you can adequately answer this question, you must have a good understanding of who your target audience is. Are you a clothing company looking to attract young adults interested in a certain type of music? Or are you a food manufacturer looking to target people of a specific diet or lifestyle? Maybe you’re a tech company seeking to pique the interest of fellow businesses? 
Whoever your audience is, the visual branding needs to reflect their interests. If you’re looking to attract older men in the finance industry, a colourful visual brand combined with a more artistic typeface or ‘comic-style’ logo may not be appropriate. This could perfectly fit a business with a more youthful, or creative demographic. Knowing your audience is everything in visual branding.
Is it clear and consistent?
To ensure that your audience can fully appreciate everything that your visual brand is looking to advertise, it must be clear and easy to understand. Again, this falls down to the simplicity of your chosen design, and the clarity of the colour scheme, and typeface used throughout. If the font used on your website, label, or poster, is too over the top, it could be difficult to read. Equally, if you bombard the viewer with unnecessary information, they won’t want to read it.
Consistency is also vital. Not only does this convey the level of your professionalism within your business, but it will also increase brand awareness.
Is it transferrable?
If you want to keep your visual branding consistent, you need to make sure that it is transferrable across multiple mediums. This includes all digital platforms, including your website, social media, and any blog or content pages. But it is just as important over printed mediums such as product labels, promotional stickers brochures, posters and even company stationary. Once again, this increases brand awareness across a wider client base.
The point of visual branding is to get your business out there and noticed, and with the right materials, you can literally put your name on anything. StickerShop provides high-quality stickers and labels and gives you complete control to create a product that will suitably represent your business, while effectively continuing your visual brand identity. 


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