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FAQ's about our products

Our most popular materials are our premium paper labels and our waterproof vinyl stickers. They are very cost effective, multi-purpose and made to a high standard.
All of our materials are custom printed and cut to size. The smallest size we can cut is 10mm, and the largest we can cut depends on the material. When you build your sticker online you will be able to see the limitations.
Multiple artwork means you can split the print run across different artworks! If you have need different quantities e.g. 100 of one type, 250 of another, you will need to mention this in the order comments. Otherwise quantities will be split evenly.
All finishing options that are available on the product can be selected on the product page. This can include the finish, adhesive, corner options etc.
You will be able to find information on each product page about how your stickers will arrive. Most commonly we supply them planned up on sheets, but some products we can supply as individual die cut stickers or hand cut to singles.

FAQ's about your account

Making an account is simple! Hit the account button in the top menu, select 'register' and fill in your details! Alternatively, you can create an account when you check out
Having an account means you can keep track of your order history, and re-order if needed. Your address will also be stored for faster a check-out
You can log into your account by clicking the account button in the top menu, or log in here. You will then see your order history page when you have logged in.
Sure you can, once logged in you can select 'My Account' Next to order history. Here you can ammend an existing address or add a new one. Please note if you need to change the address on an order you have already placed, please call us on 0117 329 3733 to amend this before your order is shipped.

FAQ's about your artwork
We have covered most questions you may have in our Artwork Guide, but heres a recap

Sure. If you have any artwork queries, or need help setting up your artwork in the right format/size, we can help you with that! If you would like us to design the artwork for you, please put it all in an email and we will see if we can help. We charge £25 per hour to create new artwork
We certainly can! Feel free to email your artwork to and we will check it over for you!
If your artwork is too big to upload through our site, please email it to If it is too large to send by email, please transfer it to us using
When you are building your sticker, you will have the option to upload single or multiple artwork before adding to the cart. If you would prefer to send your artwork after placing an order there is an option to do this. You can either email your artwork to us at or send it via

FAQ's about our materials
We have covered most questions you may have in our Material Guide, but heres a recap

Although our range is wide when it comes to materials, finishes and adhesives, not every option is available on every product. All available options will be shown on each product page, or you can search by specific finishes or adhesives.
Of course you can, infact we advise it! We want you to be fully happy with the material and the print quality before placing an order. We offer a free sample pack for you to test - click here for more information.
Alternatively, we can offer a printed sample for £14.99 where we will print your artwork onto the material of your choice and send you out samples.

FAQ's about your orders and re-ordering

If you made an account when you last ordered, you can head to the account icon in the top menu, and select 'Log-in'. Once logged in you will be able to instantly see all your previous orders.
Sure, when you are logged into your account you should be able to see your previous orders along with the artwork that is associated with that order.
If you head to your account, and select a previous order number there will be 'Re-Order This' buttons underneath each product. Clicking the button will add that exact order to the cart, and reference your previous order number. You can navigate to the cart and check out which will come through to us and we will print your order exactly the same as before.
Sure! You can change the quantity of your order when re-ordering from your account. If you would like to change anything else this would be treated as a new order and you would have to add the product to the cart again. You can add a note to let us know this is a re-order and we can use the same artwork as before.

We always send a proof for your orders, even if its a re-print to ensure its correct before being printed.

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