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Labels That We Love: Gin Bottle Labels | StickerShop

09 Jan, 2023

Labels That We Love 8: Gin Bottle Labels

Packaging may not be everything but, at StickerShop, we are partial to a good label. And if you’ve been keeping up with our “labels that we love” series, you’ll know that, from beard oil bottles and make-up jars to candles, there are some fantastic label designs out there. The gin industry is also packed with wonderful stickers that catch the eye of customers. 

So, if you’re interested to see what makes a great bottle sticker — whether you’re keen to make your own custom designs or you’re just a gin fan — read on to discover some of our favourite gin bottle labels.


Bristol Distilling Co. – Dark Fruit Gin 77

Why we love it: This label features a selection of purple tones to complement the dark fruits within — the shades evoke the image of ripe blackcurrants and blackberries that give this Bristol-based gin its distinctive flavour. By opting for a metallic finish, the designers have created a sense of luxury, while the angled, abstract shapes give a modern flair. All the while, the text in the centre of the label is clear and uncluttered.


Shipshape and Bristol Fashion – Gin with Grapefruit, Fennel & Local Honey

Why we love it: While most of us recognise that gin is certainly not for medicinal use, this petite bottle harks back to days of yore, with its cough-syrup-shape and classic rectangular label. The sticker itself features a range of font sizes, decreasing from top to bottom, and a matt gold banner ties it all together in the centre.


E18hteen Gin – London Dry

Why we love it: E18hteen Gin has opted for an elegant and understated label that still includes a touch of opulence. By sticking with a very simple colour scheme of white, black, and gold (with a hint of grey), the label is sleek and timeless. The sticker’s unusual curves accentuate this, while the brand’s tree logo reflects the Somerset orchards where the distillery team hand-picks apples to flavour the drink within.


Hensol Castle – Welsh Dry Gin

Why we love it: Based just across the river, in Cardiff, Hensol Castle has also opted for an understated gin label. With a classic rectangular shape, this sticker contrasts the ridged curves of the bottle itself. This brand has gone for a metallic copper-coloured background with a white and grey centre, featuring a silhouette of Hensol Castle itself.


Viper Gin – Barrel Aged Gin

Why we love it: While some of the other gin bottle labels on this list stick with light, neutral colours, this one goes all out with a dark and brooding gothic vibe. The black label includes block capital text with an interesting stripe effect and multiple fonts. In addition, a scalloped edge gives the label a vintage feel and adds an extra element of detail.


Design your own personalised gin bottle labels

If these cool gin bottles have inspired you to get creative, why not design your own custom stickers? Whether you’re looking for unique gin bottle labels for your own distillery or want to try your hand at making stickers for other applications, we’re here to help. 

With StickerShop, you can print personalised stickers of all shapes and sizes — from barcode stickers and cake labels to wedding stickers and, of course, bottle labels. Once you have your design, simply send them to us, and we’ll print as many professional, high-quality labels as you need. 

Take a look at our artwork guide for more details on how to upload your images. Or, if you’re ready to go, why not order a free sample pack?



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