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Labels We Love: Cosmetic & Make-Up Labels | StickerShop

28 Jun, 2022

Labels That We Love 7 - Cosmetic & Make-Up Labels

If you’ve been following our recent series, you’ll know that we find label inspiration from a whole range of places. From coffee to beard oil, there are custom stickers that brighten up packaging all around. This time, we’re focusing on cosmetic and make-up labels. What makes a great cosmetic label? Is it the logo or the colour scheme? Perhaps it’s the way the designer has summed up how the product within will make you feel. 

Let’s take a look at some of the makeup and cosmetic labels on the market.

Neighbourhood Botanicals - The Daily Glow Facial Oil 

Bottle of Neighbourhood Botanicals Daily Glow Showing Sticker Design

Why we love it: First up is this gorgeous design from Neighbourhood Botanicals. The orange, gold, and white colour scheme is simple, yet evokes a sense of warmth — the glow we hope to achieve with the product. The smiley mug illustration again adds to the idea of feeling ‘all warm and fuzzy’ and glowing from the inside out.

Vanderohe - Purifying Cleansing Oil 

Bottle of Vanderhoe No.1 with Cosmetic Label Design Visible

Why we love it: In contrast to the warmth of the Neighbourhood Botanicals cosmetic label, Vanderohe’s design is sleek and minimal. With a crisp black font on a white sticker, it has a clean feel. The eye is immediately drawn to the key information, and just a hint of pale green foliage peeks out at the bottom of the label to break up the monochrome colour scheme.

Sister & Co - Coco Raw Coconut Oil

A Pot of Sister & Co Coconut Oil with Cosmetic Label Design

Why we love it: This peach-coloured label doesn’t shy away from the feminine. With a vibrant floral design decorating the silhouettes of two women, it highlights the product’s botanical nature and gives a sense of the brand’s personality and values. 

The two figures also frame the sticker’s text, giving a sense of balance.

Skin Design London - C Antioxidant Glow Serum 

A Bottle of Skin Design London's Serum with Sticker Design Showing

Why we love it: Similarly to Sister & Co, Skin Design London has chosen a peach background for its Glow Serum label. This sticker is far more minimal, however, with black and white text that guides the eye to the centre of the bottle and highlights the key ingredient: vitamin C. 

This cosmetic label exudes elegance and sophistication.

Bonum Pellis - Neroli & Mandarin Hydrating Hand & Body Wash

Bonum Pellis Hand Body Wash Cosmetic Sticker

Why we love it Another clean-cut and elegant label, Bonum Pellis has created a product that wouldn’t look out of place in a swanky hotel. The cream-coloured label complements the brown bottle, giving a sense of warmth you wouldn’t get with a cooler white shade. The key fragrances are front and centre, with clear information about the product’s vegan and cruelty-free status. 

This label also cleverly uses three horizontal lines, echoing those in the brand’s logo and offering a sense of space – nothing is cramped. 

Willowberry - Nutrient Boost Cleansing Balm

Pot Of Willowverry Boost Showing Cosmetic Label

Why we love it: This label design uses a calm colour palette, reflecting the cleansing purpose of the balm inside. The peach-pink and pale green are warm, soothing, and almost earthy — perfect for the brand’s focus on natural, botanical ingredients. Willowberry has also chosen a dark grey font, giving a softer feel than black.

Designing and printing your own make-up or cosmetic labels

Make-up and cosmetic items often contain oils (natural or otherwise). As such, it’s important to select the right kind of label. At StickerShop, we offer a range of adhesives and finishes so you can find the perfect type of label for your product

If this article has inspired you to design your own custom make-up and cosmetic labels, our easy-to-use order process makes it quick and straightforward. If you’re ready to go, why not order a free sample pack? And feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.



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