Labels That We Love 4 - Beard Oil Labels
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Labels That We Love 4 - Beard Oil Labels

16 May, 2022

Labels That We Love 4 - Beard Oil Labels

At StickerShop, labels are what we do. So we’re always on the lookout for stickers and labels that go above and beyond with their design, whether they be artsy and unique or classic and clean. We’ve looked at all kinds of labels, from wine to coffee, but this time we’ll be looking at something a bit more niche: beard oil labels.

From the dark and traditional to the vibrant and bold, all these label designs put their own spin on the clean, masculine look common to beard oil bottles. And if you like the look of some of these, how about making your own custom beard oil labels?

Bloop - Hairy Jayne


A bottle of Hairy Jaybe beard oil with label stuck on


Why we love it: Handmade in Bristol, Hairy Jayne uses stubble as their key design for this bottle, matching a whimsical name with a whimsical illustration. 

The negative space around the logo makes it stand out, as does the sharp contrast of white on black and the clear font.


Brighton Beard Co - Alfriston Bergamot & Rose Geranium Beard Oil


Brighton Beard Co Alfriston beard oil


Why we love it: Second up in our favourite beard oil stickers is this classy and classic design. The dark brown bottle echoes a traditional look, while the sideways clean white font packs in everything you need to know about the beard oil right on the front of the bottle.

The dark brown colour schemes always create a slightly warmer look, and this works perfectly for an oil whose aroma evokes the feeling of a “hazy, summertime nightfall”.


Man Made Beard Company - The Family Man


Sticker design on a bottle of Man Made Beard Company beard oil


Why we love it: The Family Man’s bottle stands out among its competitors with its different shape, and we love the sharp, strong look it gives the packaging. The white label on a black bottle is both simple and striking, and together they work to sell the image of a confident, dependable man.


Mo Bros - Beard Oil


A photo of Mo Bros Beard Oil bottle label design


Why we love it: All our examples so far have chosen strong, dark colours, but Mo Bros have opted for something different. Colourful and vibrant, this beard oil label stands out amongst the crowd. The bright orange and pure white match the mango and vanilla scent too, bringing both product and packaging together.


The Cornish Man Cave - Beard Oil


A photo of Cornish Man Cave beard oil bottle label design


Why we love it: The Cornish Man Cave does something completely different by opting for a blue bottle. It’s a deep, rich colour that’s reminiscent of the Cornish Sea. The clever use of imagery behind the text creates the brand’s logo in silhouette, and the outline of a man’s beard leaves no questions as to what this product is all about.


Mariner Jack - Anchor


A photo of Mariner Jack beard oil bottle label design


Why we love it: Mariner Jack is another Cornish beard oil producer. The soft blue strip of colour matches the anchor text for the sea theme, and the bright white of the logo stands out in the illustrated background.

We particularly love the fun nod to traditional sailor tattoos in the brand’s logo, referenced in both the font and in the anchor design.


Custom stickers and bespoke labels with StickerShop

Do these designs have the gears of inspiration turning inside your head? If so, why not get started on your own beard oil labels using our simple online process? Choose your shape, material, and finish, then upload your design. We’ll send you a PDF proof to make sure it’s exactly as you like it before going to print.

And we don’t just stop at bottle labels, either. Address labels, wedding labels, whatever you need — you can find it here. Why not get in touch to find out more?


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