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How to Design Eye-Catching Food Labels - Stickershop

11 Aug, 2021

How to Design Eye-Catching Food Labels

Have you ever bought a product because its label looked good enough to eat? When it comes to food labels, you need them to be eye-catching, informative and easy to read. But they also need to show some personality and reflect the love and care that went into the product. So how do you design food labels that make a great impression? Read on and find out.

wine bottle label design

Choose the right materials

Before you start to get creative with artwork, colours and fonts, you need to decide on the right materials. Your food stickers should be robust and durable. We recommend our high-quality paper stickers, which faithfully reproduce your chosen colours and won’t fade or peel. However, if your labels need to be waterproof, then consider using vinyl stickers instead.

Matte finish food stickers give more of a rustic feel, while high gloss labels have a polished feel. If you want to use ‘barely there’ labelling on jars and bottles, opt for clear food stickers with a high contrast design that let people see the food.

Make the most of colour psychology

Colours can evoke strong feelings and emotions. They can even influence purchasing decisions by stimulating the appetite.

If you want your label to get noticed and get people’s mouth’s watering, try using plenty of red in your design. Red has a reputation in the food industry for kick-starting your appetite, so fingers crossed it will make your brand jump off the shelves!

Because of advances in digital printing technology, product labels are bolder and brighter than ever before. But don’t fall into the design trap of making your label look too busy or not relevant to the product. Instead, choose your colours carefully, so they really pop without being over-saturated.

Get creative with fonts

Like colour, different fonts can evoke different moods and emotions. So decorative fonts are a great choice when you want to create a personality for your food stickers. Just make sure they’re easy to read and keep labelling information in san serif fonts.

Classic script fonts can give an authentic elegance to your labels, while quirky fonts are a great way to impart a playful vibe to your food stickers. If you want to give your labels an artisanal feel, handwritten fonts can create that earthy and rustic impression. However, whatever fonts you choose, make sure that they can be read at a glance when your food stickers are printed.

Keep it simple and get creative

We all know that a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words. But when it comes to creating eye-catching food stickers, it’s true. We process graphics and images much more quickly than words, so it makes sense to use strong visuals on your labels. Keep any information simple and make sure it’s specific to your product.

The best food stickers use simple images to whet the appetite. A dew-covered tomato might be a cliche, but it works to make us want to eat the product inside. Graphics or photographs of fresh ingredients coupled with good clear layout design help make your food stickers appealing to the eye. Concentrate on providing information that’s easy to process for best results.

The right shape counts

Basic shapes are most common in food labelling, but if you want your food stickers to make your products stand out, we have a range of custom shapes and finishes that will make your labels jump off the shelf. So get creative, and your product will enjoy an extra boost with a unique sticker.

At StickerShop, the options for customisation are practically endless. You can use your own custom artwork or work with our professional designers to create food stickers to be proud of. So shop online today and find out what custom stickers can do for your food gifts and products.

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