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Best Software To Use To Design Stickers In 2023 | StickerShop

26 Apr, 2023

Best software to use to design stickers in 2023

Whether you’re setting up a business, personalising your laptop or creating coronation stickers for your street party invites, you need stickers with pizzazz. The good news is you can get incredible, eye-catching results without being a brilliant artist. Technology constantly evolves, so we’re updating our choice of the best sticker design software to let you create custom sticker-sized artwork in a snap! 

Free sticker design software

Stickers are a fantastic way to advertise your business or get yourself noticed. And sometimes, you just want to create fun and fast custom stickers that show off your personality. So if you’re a casual user, or you need your stickers fast, these free programs make design easy:


Incredibly user-friendly, Canva is a great way to make creative stickers in minutes. Canva features free templates and plenty of fantastic design elements to play with, plus it’s easy to add selfies, logos or QR codes for greater personalisation or brand recognition. 

Adobe Express

Adobe offers premium graphic design programs alongside this amazing free sticker designing software. On the free plan, you can access thousands of fonts, templates, design assets and more, plus royalty-free stock photos and basic photo editing.

Premium sticker designing software

But if you’re ready to move into the big leagues, you’ll need to upgrade to premium sticker designing software like Canva Pro and the Adobe Premium plan. These graphic design programs give you access to professional standard tools and content to create stand-out stickers for your business - or to start a sticker-making business of your own. 

If you prefer making a one-off payment, we recommend Affinity Designer. This accessible package has all the professional design elements you need, including raster and vector capabilities, to create professional labels and stickers. And you’ll only pay once to access Affinity’s impressive potential.

The best mobile apps for sticker design

Because you’re not always in front of your laptop when inspiration strikes, we recommend these incredible apps for sticker-making on the go.

Procreate (paid app)

Procreate is an award-winning art studio that goes anywhere you do. And the possibilities are endless! Simply download Procreate onto your iPad and start designing with intuitive design elements and incredible versatility for pro results. If you love Etsy-style super-creative stickers, this is the app you need. 

Picsart (in-app purchases)

Picsart is another powerful app that works with all your iOS and Android devices. Ideal for photo stickers, this excellent program includes photo editing tools like captions, collages and more. 

Whip up some memorable stickers

Once you’ve chosen your sticker-designing software, there are plenty of decisions to make. Are you looking for a standard shape, or do you need custom die-cut stickers? Will you need waterproof stickers for beauty products in the shower room or eye-catching metallics for extra glitz and glamour?

We’ve put together some essential design tips to help you create sensational stickers for any occasion. And to make your stickers extra memorable, try these surefire design strategies:

  • Use attractive text, from catchy slogans and one-liners to classic and distinctive typography.
  • Match the stickers to the message, e.g. eco-friendly stickers for a green business.
  • Use colours that pop for immediate impact.
  • Make the message the focal point with bold fonts and a classic design.
  • Go retro with fonts, shapes and colours for stunning vintage results.    

Designed your stickers? Print them with StickerShop

Once you’ve designed your stickers, there’s only one thing left to do - save your artwork and upload it to StickerShop. We’ll transform it into stunning stickers that are great for gifts, labelling, personalisation, branding and much more! Shop online for awesome stickers today.



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