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Custom Stickers For Your Coronation Street Party | StickerShop

20 Apr, 2023

Make sure your Coronation street party stands out with custom stickers

The Coronation of King Charles III takes place in May, and it’s the perfect excuse for a street party. At StickerShop, we’ve come up with some Coronation decoration ideas using custom stickers to make sure your event stands out. 

Add some regal flair to your street party invitations

A party isn’t a party without invitations, so why not have some fun and add regal flair with our gorgeous metallic stickers? Add the date, time and place to a regal gold sticker to add a touch of class. 

Create invitation scrolls using home-aged paper and custom die-cut stickers as a Royal seal. Or customise plain invitations with eye-catching designs and shapes in red, white and blue.

Sir Jony Ive KBE has designed a unique Coronation emblem in striking blue and red. Perfect for printing on an eco-friendly paper sticker to honour King Charles’s commitment to the environment. In addition, using Coronation emblem stickers for your invitations turns them into a keepsake to be cherished.

Brighten up your local area with Coronation decorations

Sticking with the theme of red, white and blue, you’ll want to brighten up your party with stunning Coronation decorations. These are just a few ideas for Coronation street party decorations using your custom-designed stickers:

Bunting and flags

These traditional favourites are a must-have for your King Charles Coronation decorations. Add your Coronation emblem stickers to plain bunting and Union Jack flags to transform into Coronation decorations fit for a king! Also, think about using waterproof stickers for outdoor decorations so they stand up to the English weather.

Tableware and tablecloths

Custom stickers are a fantastic way to personalise plain white tablecloths and paper plates. Add crown-shaped stickers to paper cups for some regal pizzazz.


Ballons are an inexpensive way to decorate — try creating an arch for commemorative photos. Don’t forget to add your custom Coronation stickers after inflating the balloons for the best results.

Window displays

Our customisable window clings are a fantastic way to create a brilliant street-facing show. Just add commemorative posters and other memorabilia and give a prize for the best-dressed display.

Food and drink stickers

Have you thought about using Coronation stickers and cocktail sticks for cake topper? Alternatively, you could create food stickers, including ingredients and allergy advice, for your Coronation Quiche or other celebratory creations. 

Play some fun Coronation games

To celebrate our new monarch, try these entertaining party games:

  • Hold a regal fancy dress parade and fill your party with kings and queens.
  • Play pin the crown on King Charles by creating some custom crown-shaped stickers.
  • Enjoy a game of Royal “Who Am I?”
  • Host a Royal trivia quiz featuring King Charles and his family.
  • Hold a sticker design contest and have the winners printed up at StickerShop!

Don’t forget old-fashioned favourites like Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs using the official Coronation playlist for musical inspiration. 

Whip up some memorable souvenirs

The shops are full of memorabilia marking this historic occasion. But homemade souvenirs are something to treasure. 

Use our durable stickers to decorate custom goodie bags packed with hand-decorated crown cookies and cupcakes. Create QR code stickers that take the recipient to a specially created Coronation commemoration page where you can share memories of the big day. Or create a scented candle in a vintage teacup and decorate it with custom stickers that mark the date and the occasion. 

Inexpensive mugs, water bottles and bookmarks can be elevated using durable vinyl stickers with a Royal monogram or Coronation emblem. Stickers are perfect for customising phones, laptops, helmets, and more, so make sure you mark the occasion with fantastic and unique designs.

Design your custom coronation stickers with StickerShop

At StickerShop, creating unforgettable custom Coronation stickers couldn’t be easier. With options for multiple artworks, customised shapes, metallics, and more, anything is possible! So order your personalised stickers online today, and mark this historic occasion in style.



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