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What Stickers Are Best For Glass? | StickerShop

29 Sep, 2021

What Stickers Are Best for Glass?

Whether you’re whipping up a batch of homebrew, making fresh jam, or simply organising your dried goods in Kilner jars, labels come in handy. Both functional and aesthetic, they can help inform you what’s inside and add the finishing touch to a homemade gift. But what type of stickers are best for glass?

Jam Jar with Sticker Printed

Can You Put Stickers On Glass?

When you’re looking for stickers and labels for any item, it’s important to think about the conditions they will face and what your containers will hold. Do you want jar labels and stickers to differentiate your condiments, for instance? Will the stickers face temperature changes from refrigeration, and do they need to be oil-resistant?

If you’re planning on applying stickers to glass jars and beer or wine bottles, you want to make sure you choose labels that can withstand moisture and the cold without falling off or disintegrating. 

On the other hand, glass candle jars will need to survive high temperatures.

What Types of Stickers are Best for Glass?

The type of sticker you choose also depends on how long you want it to last. Are you selling homemade beverages? If so, you might like to use stickers that will wash off easily, so customers can recycle. Alternatively, if you want a sticker that stands the test of time, find some with strong adhesives. Perhaps, for example, you’d like a dishwasher-safe label for your glass hydro flask or water bottle.

Here are some of the stickers we think are best for glass:

  1. Paper Labels

Paper labels are versatile and affordable. They’re ideal for jam jars and glass bottles that need temporary labelling. Splash resistant but not fully waterproof, our low-tack, removable adhesive ensures the labels come off cleanly, without leaving any residue. 

Take a look at our beer bottle labels if you’d like a great way to brand your beverage. 

  1. Vinyl Labels

If you want glass labels that last a little longer than paper stickers, you might like our vinyl options. Vinyl is a strong and flexible material that moulds well to irregularly shaped containers. Our vinyl gin bottle labels and stickers, for instance, are available in custom shapes as well as oval or square designs. 

We can also craft your labels from waterproof vinyl with permanent or extra-permanent adhesive so they can last as long as your tipple!

Because vinyl is heat and oil-resistant, it also makes an excellent choice for candle jars or cosmetics such as beard oil.

  1. Waterproof PET

PET (a type of polyester) is another good option for glass labels. Strong and waterproof, it copes well with moisture and prolonged exposure to oil — ideal for an array of bottles. What’s more, waterproof PET stickers are recyclable, so you can dispose of them responsibly after use. Our new PET stickers also use a plant-based adhesive, making them vegetarian and vegan friendly.

PET stickers are also highly heat-resistant, withstanding temperatures of up to 148℃ and making wonderful candle labels.

  1. Window Graphics 

As well as labelling bottles and jars, you might want to apply stickers to your windows. Whether it’s for decoration, to deter birds from flying in, or to advertise your business, we have a range of static cling labels to choose from. These clever stickers don’t use any extra adhesive but the material simply clings to glass surfaces. Another bonus is that you can remove and reapply the window stickers over and over again without losing their stick. Magic! 

Window stickers can reinvigorate your marketing displays and brighten up any room. Or how about on the move? We can create bespoke car window stickers to get your brand noticed as you drive around.

Whatever kind of labels you need, we’re sure you’ll find the best stickers for glass and other materials at Stickershop. Explore our collections today.


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