Window Stickers For Post-Lockdown!
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Window Stickers For Post-Lockdown!

28 Apr, 2021

Window Stickers For Post-Lockdown!

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Lockdown is easing, and that's great news for your business. It's time to reinvigorate your marketing displays to attract customers back to the high street. And that means creating window displays that grab your customer's attention and bring them in through the door. If your windows seem dull and faded, here are five reasons why you need window stickers for post-lockdown!
Stand out from the crowd
Sometimes all it takes to convert a passer-by into a customer is one eye-catching graphic. If you're in a busy commercial area where you need to stand out, give window decals a whirl.
Quick and easy to apply, a window cling can reinvigorate the look of your store in seconds. They're an ideal tool for reaching out to customers with all your latest promotion. And they'll keep on working even out of business hours.
So why not turn that bland exterior into an exciting way to promote yourself and stand out from the crowd?
Increase brand awareness
When you're growing your business, window stickers are a cost-effective way to reinforce your brand. Creating a high-impact marketing display around your logo will increase brand awareness with your target audience.
Bold and attractive graphics will create a buzz that marks your store out as a post-lockdown destination. They may even attract customers' attention when they're on their way to another store and tempt them to give you a try instead.
Window clings are a brilliant way to let your customers know what's happening with your business. Why not theme a window display around your new opening hours and any social distancing and hygiene measures that make you Covid-safe?
Affordable marketing
Window stickers are an often underutilised part of the marketing mix. But they're one of the most affordable tools available when you want to attract new business. They're a great choice when you're looking to raise your profile without spending a fortune.
Your shop windows offer a great way to advertise your business, but it's a marketing opportunity that often gets overlooked. Using window decals is a brilliant way of getting your business noticed without paying for an expensive outdoor sign. With no additional installation and maintenance costs, you can go to town on your window displays without spending a fortune.
Incredibly versatile
Want to advertise a special holiday promotion? Put up a window sticker. Are you sponsoring a community event or fundraiser? There's a sticker for that, too.
Window decals are incredibly versatile. There's no end to what you can promote. And your stickers don't have to advertise your latest sale. They're also a quick and effective way to decorate your windows for Christmas or Halloween.
Privacy and shade
Some businesses need privacy, and window stickers are ideal. They're also a savvy solution if your business is temporarily closed, and you want to let your customers know when you're re-opening - like after lockdown!
Shading your windows with graphics can also protect your interiors from fading and sun damage and control the temperature in-store making it more comfortable for shoppers.
Use window stickers to boost your business post-lockdown
Window clings are a simple, effective and powerful tool for any business. Make sure your designs are Instagrammable, and you can even extend your social marketing reach!
Window stickers are a fantastic way to make your customers notice everything that's going on in-store. And that's true whether you're promoting your re-opening after lockdown or your brand new logo.
At StickerShop, we'll create your custom window stickers just how you want them. Our waterproof stickers are great for using inside and out. And they stick to anything from shop to car windows to give your business a post-lockdown boost. Want to know more? Get in touch today, and the StickerShop team will be more than happy to help.

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