How Can Car Stickers Improve Your Brand Image? - Stickershop
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How Can Car Stickers Improve Your Brand Image? - Stickershop

29 Jul, 2021

Business Advertising on the Move with Car Window Stickers

Eye-catching, durable and cost-effective. No wonder stickers are a mainstay of any advertising campaign. And with modern digital print technology and materials, there's virtually no limit to the personalisation you can achieve. But what makes car window stickers such a great way to market your business?


car window stickers

Express brand personality

Your customers love to interact with your brand, so why not start a conversation with a cheeky window sticker? Think of your stickers as Tweets or Facebook updates - they're a great way to grab attention and let everyone know what's happening with your brand. 

Add your socials or your URL, and you'll also have a handy way to measure how successful your stickers are. Offer a discount for anyone who spots your stickers and uploads a photo to Facebook or Instagram. If they're cleverly designed and strongly worded, you can generate word of mouth both online and off.

Reach out to a broader audience 

When you want to reach a wider audience, nothing succeeds like well-designed car window stickers. Anyone can see them, and they're particularly effective when you're on the move. So why not convert your car into a mobile billboard and make sure your customers can see your latest promotions and publicity wherever you go?

Better yet, your publicity is passive, not aggressive. So when your customers engage with your car window stickers, it's because they're amused or intrigued, not because they feel your advertising is aggressive and 'in your face’.

Ultimate customisation

Your car window stickers can be anything you want them to be. Your stickers can be cut to any size and shape, from simple geometric shapes to eye-catching custom ones. Then, decorate them with your logo, graphics, text or a combination of all three. Choose clear window clings for an integrated look or a white background to make your graphics pop.  

From a business perspective, there's nothing you can't promote using customisable car window stickers. For example, you could use car window clings to put your products or services in the public eye over the long term. Or change them up to announce new promotions or seasonal sales.

Polished and professional

You may not have the budget for a full car wrap, but you can still achieve that polished and professional look with custom car window clings. Whether your vehicle is parked outside a job or your office, tough and long-lasting window stickers will keep your business top of mind.

Incredibly easy to apply and printed with top quality inks, nothing beats car window stickers when you want to give your business a professional vibe. Stickers with your business details are also a great way to increase your general brand awareness, stick in people’s minds, and get those repeat customers.


Of course, one of the most significant benefits of sticker advertising is its affordable pricing. Our hand-picked and high-quality car window stickers are incredibly cost-effective, giving them a fantastic return on investment over time. 

In fact, if you're looking for plenty of bang for your marketing buck, you could do a lot worse than invest in unique stickers that have one of the lowest costs per impression around.

The Sticker Shop has you covered

Interested in finding out how car window stickers can build your brand? StickerShop can help. With plenty of options to suit every business, all our sticker prices include custom printing, VAT and delivery so you can keep control of your budget.

The great thing about car window marketing is that your stickers never go out of style. Whether you use your own custom artwork or work with our professional designers, great results are guaranteed. So shop now or contact us today to find out more.

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