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3 Creative Ideas To Do This Bank Holiday With Stickers | StickerShop

23 May, 2023

Three creative ideas to do this bank holiday with stickers

Thinking up things to do on a long bank holiday can be challenging — especially when you don’t know if the sunny spring weather will hold out. So, this bank holiday, why not dive into a world of creativity and self-expression with stickers? Perfect for all weather, stickers are the ideal addition to your May bank holiday activities. 

From making personalised gifts to working on home decor projects, here are some ways to let your imagination run wild and transform every corner of your life into a vibrant canvas of artistic flair.


May bank holiday activities — with stickers

Custom stickers are a joy for kids and adults alike, and here are three of our favourite ways to embrace stickers this bank holiday.


1. Create a sticker story

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of storytelling by creating your very own sticker story. A great way to occupy the little ones, stickers can help you craft captivating tales, whether it's a whimsical fairy story, an adventurous quest, or a heart-warming slice of life. 

Use a variety of stickers to show characters, settings, and plot twists. Why not get some personalised stickers made to represent the whole family?

You can use a notebook to create a longer story or a large piece of card to create a story poster board. Experiment with different themes, moods, and genres, and watch as your sticker story unfolds before your eyes.


2. Sticker prizes for bank holiday games

Make this bank holiday an unforgettable one by incorporating sticker prizes into your festivities and games. Whatever your plans are, this is a great way to bring people together and provide everyone with a fun prize. Why not choose metallic stickers for an extra flourish?

Create a prize station or a sticker booth where participants can earn stickers for their achievements, such as winning a game, completing a challenge, or showcasing their talents. There are a range of games you could choose from — classic games like scavenger hunts and relay races to creative competitions like sticker art contests and sticker trading challenges. 

You could even make personalised stickers for each contestant or game — check out our guide on How to design a sticker for more information. Get ready to see smiles light up faces as everyone eagerly collects and proudly displays their sticker rewards, turning this bank holiday into an unforgettable experience for all.


3. A bank holiday treasure hunt

Transform your bank holiday into an exhilarating adventure by organising a thrilling treasure hunt with the help of stickers. Bring out your inner pirate or detective as you devise a captivating quest filled with hidden clues and secret locations. Utilise stickers as clues, strategically placing them in various spots throughout your home, garden, or local park. Each sticker will lead participants closer to the ultimate treasure or prize at the end of the hunt. 

Encourage creativity by incorporating sticker-based challenges along the way, such as decoding messages or matching stickers to specific objects. Whether you're planning a treasure hunt for children, friends, or the whole family, the joy and excitement of finding and collecting stickers will create cherished memories for all involved. So, gather your crew, prepare the maps, and embark on a bank holiday treasure hunt like no other.


Create personalised stickers with StickerShop

These are just a few bank holiday activity ideas that can incorporate the endless possibilities of personalised custom stickers. Whether the sun is shining or you face a rainy bank holiday weekend, let stickers be your artistic tools, your rewards, and your keys to adventure.

With our handy sticker printing tool, you can choose every element of your custom stickers — from material and shape to the type of adhesive. Why not order a free sample pack? If you have any questions, feel free to contact our expert team.



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