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Labels That We Love 9: Whisky Labels | StickerShop

23 Jan, 2023

Labels That We Love 9: Whisky Bottle Labels

Packaging is important, and a well-designed whisky bottle label is a powerful branding tool that can effectively communicate between a product and a consumer.

“Labels That We Love”

As part of our “Labels That We Love” series, we’ve been exploring a range of stickers that we think are particularly impactful. From beer and wine to cosmetics, the ways in which labels can be fun and creative, are endless.

Whether you’re looking for some beautiful bottles for or want to make your own custom label designs, take a look at our selection of favourite whisky (or whiskey, if you prefer!) bottle labels for some inspiration.


Black’s Double Barrel Whiskey From Bristol Distilling Co.

This swashbuckling bottle of Black’s Double Barrel Whiskey is a firm favourite of ours, and this rich, spicy blend is the product of a unique maturation process. The whiskey itself has been re-barrelled into a charred American White Oak barrel and is then left to mature at the famous Bristol Distilling Co

The label’s matte black background is detailed like tree bark, a nod to the whiskey’s painstaking distillation process, and fronted with a striking font in gold foil. The result is an old-timey bottle, with an impactful modern twist. 


Pocketful of Stones Hell’s Stone Whisky

This honeyed beverage packs a pocketful of punch. Distilled in the depths of Cornwall’s own Hell’s Stone (or Helston) itself, the whisky is named after the region’s famous legend of a fire-breathing dragon and an archangel St Michael. 

And being forged from the fires of Hell itself, it’s only right that this whisky has a Hellish label to match. Styled onto a solid black rectangle, the white, gothic font stands out against the backdrop. And the choice of rune-like font, as well as the detailing in each of the label’s corners, alludes to the legendary feel of the whisky. 


Penderyn: Icons of Wales #7 Rhiannon

If you’re a fan of Fleetwood Mac, then this is the whisky for you! This mythical label is our personal favourite, It depicts the powerful Welsh deity and horse goddess, Rhiannon, in the foreground of a magical moonscape.

Stevie Nicks was inspired to write the Fleetwood Mac song “Rhiannon” after she came across the name in the 1970s book “Triad” by Mary Leader. Nicks later learned the Welsh history around Rhiannon, and shaped her song around the legend. 

The monochrome illustration on Penderyn’s whisky label evokes the sense of an old storybook. Meanwhile, the beautiful, white label background pairs well with the black whisky bottle. There’s no wonder this bottle of magic earned itself Gold in the 2019 Spirits Business Design and Packaging Awards! 


Cotswolds Signature Single Malt Whisky

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to bottle labels, and Cotswolds Signature Single Malt Whisky has certainly done that. 

For the first whisky ever made in the Cotswolds, it’s only right that this bottle of traditional floor-malted barley has a classic label. Embossed in silver foil, this simple yet impactful sticker does exactly what it says on the tin. Complete with the Cotwswold’s Distillery title, the bottle of sophistication embodies rich, bold, and fruity blends into its whisky.


The Lakes Distillery Quatrefoil Collection

Why have one bottle of whisky, when you can have four? The Lakes Distillery has compiled four incredible whiskies together into their Quatrefoil Collection, each complete with their own title and unique label.

Each bottle label maintains themes of the Lake District, detailing vibrant, abstract graphics of mountains and rivers, and are each named individually: “Love”, “Hope”, “Luck”, and “Love”.

These labels are particularly impressive, as their colours complement the colour of the whisky. Our personal favourite is “Love” — an emotive combination of purple, vibrant pink, and a lightning strike down the centre of the scene. Each of these labels has a storytelling quality about them, which we adore. 


Design your own whisky bottle labels

If you’ve been inspired by these imaginative whisky bottle labels, then why not try your hand at designing your own custom stickers for your business. 

At StickerShop, we’ve got you covered with our range of personalisable labels and stickers that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and finishes. Contact us today to bring your custom bottle labels to life. 



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