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How To Customise Your School Books With Stickers & Labels | StickerShop

12 Sep, 2023

How to use stickers to customise your school books

Going back to school or college doesn’t have to be boring. With back-to-school stickers, you can brighten up your notebooks, customise your textbooks and much more. And it’s not just kids that get all the fun — parents and teachers can make the most of school stickers offers for fun activities, eye-catching branding and a dash of creative flair. 

Students: Add personality to notebooks  

One of the easiest and most creative ways to add personality to school notebooks is with our custom sticker school labels. Transforming plain books into mini masterpieces is a great way to show off your personal aesthetic. 

You can let your imagination go wild. You could theme your stickers around your favourite passions, from animals and wildlife to sport and music. Or create a captivating collage with dazzling stickers in multiple shapes and finishes. Our fully customisable sticker sheets let you create a myriad of designs on a single sheet. 


Parents: Create a fun activity book 

Stickers are an entertaining tool for kids just setting out on their learning journey. So why not create a fun activity book for their first day at school? Your child can learn what to expect on their first day, from arriving at the gates to home time. And you can add exciting learning activities along the way, with sticker rewards to track their progress.  

If your children are older, encourage literacy skills with a sticker storybook. Provide a good selection of stickers to create the narrative, then add the words later. Stickers are also great for practising numeracy. Set out some simple sums, providing stickers for the answers. Add reusable stickers so they can try again if they don't get it right the first time. 


Teachers: Add creative flair to marking  

Teachers have been using reward stickers for ages. Our back-to-school stickers are perfect for reward charts and creating friendly competition between different groups. Students love to get involved in activities using stickers, and they’re a fun way to get the new term off to a flying start by connecting you with your students. 

Using stickers for marking is a fantastic way to praise and evaluate your student’s work in an engaging manner. Stickers can say anything from a simple “well done” or “neat and tidy” to including an effort gauge and a space for written feedback. And with our sticker sheets, you can create back-to-school marking stickers for all the different classes and levels you teach. 

Bespoke branding with school logo stickers  

If you want to promote your school to the world, why not try school logo stickers? Businesses use logo stickers for brand recognition and to make their products and services stand out, and you can do the same for your school.  

Branded stickers make fabulous rewards for good work or behaviour. And they're likely to end up on laptops, notebooks or water bottles, so they become an ambassador for your school. Good branding helps build trust and confidence among parents. And it's a surefire way to unite pupils in a sense of loyalty around their school.  

After all, your school logo is at the heart of your values and story. Therefore, creating covetable stickers for everything from parents' letters to report books builds a sense of authenticity and trustworthiness around your establishment.  

Design your own back-to-school stickers with StickerShop  

If you’re looking for school stickers in the UK, try StickerShop. Our stickers and school labels are fully customisable, so the only limit is your imagination. From colourful metallic notebook labels to high-quality school logo stickers, shop online today. Why not take a look at our guide to creating your own personalised stickers and labels for more inspiration, too? 



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