Custom Printed Stickers for Schools
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Custom Printed Stickers for Schools

01 Jun, 2019

Custom Printed Stickers for Schools

Custom Printed Stickers for Schools

Custom Printed Stickers for Schools

Kids love stickers, and at StickerShop we know that they can be a great tool for teachers. Whether you want to reward specific behaviour, share positive messages or help kids know what is theirs, we have some great die-cut vinyl stickers which are perfect. Here are some fun ways you can use printed paper stickers in your classroom.

Stickers for great behaviour

Stickers are a great way to reward behaviour and using custom printed stickers can allow you to create unique stickers that are suited to your unique classroom. Use die-cut individual stickers to reward positive behaviour and encourage your children to engage. Stickers with titles like 'St Giles Year 5 Star of the Week' or 'Mrs Smith's Kindess Award' in a high-quality finish mean your children should treasure their stickers and show their parents and relatives. 

Stickers for Easy Marking

Marking can be the bane of teacher's lives and paper stickers can be a great way to make this easier and more efficient. Feedback stickers which include things to improve, targets for the next piece of work and the best bits of the piece of work can speed up the marking process and focus your feedback. Stickers with messages like 'great work' and 'see me about this after class' can save you writing the same message hundreds of times too!

Labels for the Classroom

Everyone knows that things go missing in classrooms and custom labels can be a great way to make sure your classroom equipment stays there. You can choose die-cut paper stickers in whatever shape works best for the equipment you want to label. With a custom printed label, you can identify your classes resources and your children can also make sure they know where things belong when tidying away. You can also get custom printed stickers for each child too, so they can mark their drawer, coat peg or workbook.

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