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How To Design Custom Stickers For Helmets | StickerShop

20 Jan, 2023

How to design custom stickers for helmets

Whether you want to distinguish your bike helmet from your friend or partner’s or you just fancy adding a personal touch, motorcycle helmet stickers are a quick and easy way to do so.

Custom stickers are also a great addition to climbing, roller skating, or cycling helmets, too! Whatever type of headgear you have, make it stand out. Read on for inspiration and advice on designing one-of-a-kind bike helmet stickers.


The best material for motorcycle helmet stickers

Bike helmets are tough for a reason — they’re there to protect you. And when you’re speeding along on your bike, your helmet gets the brunt of the wind, rain, and even the bugs around you. As a result, you want to make sure your bike helmet stickers can withstand the elements.

Ideally, you want waterproof, scratch-resistant vinyl. While paper stickers are great for certain applications, they’ll just get soggy and damaged on a ride.


What type of adhesive do motorcycle helmet stickers need?

Likewise, removable sticker adhesive is great for labelling items temporarily. But if you want your bike helmet stickers to stand the test of time, your best bet is to design your stickers with a durable extra-perm adhesive.


Where to place your bike helmet stickers

Before designing your custom stickers, it’s a good idea to think about where you’ll place them. This decision will inform the shape and size sticker you go for.

Are you hoping to decorate the top and sides of the helmet casing? Or do you want to add some to the visor? If you do choose to design a bike visor sticker, just make sure it won’t obscure your vision. You might want to carefully measure the helmet visor so you can be sure your sticker won’t cause any safety concerns. 


Designing unique bike helmet stickers

Now for the fun part. The world’s your oyster when it comes to designing stickers with StickerShop. From quirky shapes to metallic finishes, you can mix and match elements to create unique motorcycle decals and stickers.

Areas to consider:


Do you want your stickers to match the colour scheme of your bike and helmet? Or do you want to add some vibrant contrast? Why not try a fluorescent finish to give your designs an eye-catching quality?



Do you want to order a sheet of stickers or go for individual die-cut ones? If you and your friends are part of a bike group and want to have a matching logo sticker, die-cut could be a good option. These stickers are individually cut and have their own backings. Great for handing out at events, die-cut stickers enable you to take the sticker away and apply it at a later date. 



Are you after a cool brushed aluminium finish to give your stickers a stylish metal look? Or would you prefer a classic gloss appearance? Regardless of the image or graphic you choose, you can really bring the whole design together with a high-quality finish.

If you’re unsure which you’d prefer, you can always order a sample sticker packs and try different finishes and coatings to see which you like best.


Custom sticker designs made easy with StickerShop

Personalised stickers are a fun and easy way to give your bike helmet a refresh. From sleek, glossy designs that match your bike leathers to vibrant fluorescent stickers that stand out like no other, you can get as creative as you like with your helmet stickers.

And with StickerShop, our order process makes getting perfect results straightforward and stress-free. From uploading your artwork to approving the proofs, you’ll have the final say every step of the way. Plus, the StickerShop team is always on hand to help out with any queries, so feel free to get in touch any time.

Ready to start designing your motorcycle helmet stickers? Browse our products!



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