Enhance your packaging with custom stickers
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Enhance your packaging with custom stickers

09 Apr, 2021

Enhance your packaging with custom stickers

With an ever-expanding competitive market to deal with, it can be difficult to think of new and innovative ways to capture the heart (and sight) of your audience. Unfortunately, with all of the work that goes into running your business, small details are often cast aside for more pressing matters. Given the current state of the world due to the ongoing pandemic and the subsequent impact this has had on many companies, we get it. It's completely normal to initially concentrate on some of these bigger worries you may have. But, with restrictions slowly easing and the re-opening of certain businesses set for mid-April, those small and intricate elements will most likely give you that special edge over your competition. Without further ado, let us introduce: packaging stickers!

Introduction to stickers for packages

There isn't much need to explain what packaging stickers are - the clues are in the name! However, what you may be underestimating are the advantages of having high-quality packaging. We've all heard of the saying "first impressions count", well why would this be any different when it comes to the wrapping of your products? After all, your customers will see the packaging before they see they unwrap the orders themselves. They can be used both on the product and the outer packaging for posting respectively.

Why use custom stickers for your packaging?


Simply put, the better the quality and look of your packaging, the more engaging it will be for your customers. Engagement often plays a part in brand loyalty, which is incredibly important since returning customers will be the foundation of any successful business.
In fact, around 25% to 40% of total business profits for many companies come from returning customers.

Cost-effective solution

Let's face it, not many businesses will be able to go all out with fancy packaging. The pounds can quickly add up and become costly! When the same effect can be made with inexpensive solutions, such as custom stickers, there really isn't a need for a second thought!


It's all well and good using stickers, but customising these to match with your brand identity is critical. Identify your orders with custom stickers and labels that will make your customers remember received their treasured order. Essentially, if any company could use the stickers you're thinking of putting onto your packaging, get rid. The whole point of packaging stickers is to stand out, not blend in.

Special promotions

As already covered in one of our articles earlier this year, sticker marketing can work in harmony with your overall marketing strategy. Whether you're getting ready for an upcoming release of a new product, or perhaps a giveaway being promoted on your social media platforms, adding custom stickers will keep your customers informed of your latest activities!

Brand visibility

To increase the chances of promoting your business, try popping a few extra branded stickers into the parcel. You'll be surprised how many people will stick their favourite brand's decals onto their own belongings, such as phones and laptops. After all, who will turn down free brand advertisements?
Whether you're after serious or fun, a custom sticker is the perfect finishing touch to any order, big or small. Packaging stickers are a tactful way of marking your orders, from the moment they leave your warehouse to when they are delivered and opened by your customer.
At StickerShop, we let you have full control over the creative process by allowing you to create your own, unique custom stickers and labels. Choose every single detail, from the shape down to the material. Get going now, or speak with our team today to discuss your options.

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