Eco-friendly sticker printing for a greener business
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Eco-friendly sticker printing for a greener business

16 Feb, 2022

Eco-friendly sticker printing for a greener business

In recent months, it has been hard not to notice the increase of damning news stories about non-recyclable plastics, from straws to cosmetic wipes. With mounting pressure for the UK to reduce its plastic waste, many businesses are exploring eco-friendly alternatives to plastic-based products.

At the moment, our eco friendly, biodegradable stickers can only be purchased via a custom quote by getting in touch by email. Please contact us to discuss your options for eco stickers and eco labels in the UK. And don’t worry, you’ll be able to order them through our online shop soon, too!


Eco-friendly sticker printing for a greener business


When it comes to stickers, UK companies may be able to reduce their plastic profile by choosing custom printed stickers on premium paper that doesn’t contain any vinyl. This is often the best choice if you're looking for sustainable stickers. For information on which of our stickers are recyclable, please visit our latest blog post detailing 'Are Stickers Recyclable in the UK?'

Whether you’re a teacher looking to reward pupils for their knowledge of climate change with a sticker, or an artisan producer who needs attractive labels for their eco-friendly products, it is possible to find custom paper labels that are good for the environment - and good for your bank balance, too.


Premium paper environmentally friendly stickers

Helping you “stick” to your brand values

If you pride yourself on running an eco-conscious business, it’s important that you don’t make sacrifices when it comes to your packaging. Sticker printing on non-vinyl premium paper not only looks great, it’s also kind to the environment. Our custom paper labels can be stuck to glass bottles, cardboard boxes and pots, among other surfaces, which means that customers will be able to recycle every part of your packaging in good conscience.

An affordable option

What’s more, sticker printing on premium paper is a fantastic budget-friendly choice compared with more costly vinyl options. At StickerShop you can choose from permanent or removable custom paper labels, making our range suitable for a variety of purposes. You can go for a gloss finish if you need light splash resistance, or alternatively, an uncoated finish is perfect if you want to write on the label.


Biodegradable stickers link  
If you’re keen to go greener with your packaging, get in touch with one of our friendly team today for a quick and easy quote. They can advise you on the best range to suit your purpose, your budget and your eco requirements.

Alternatively, get going straight away with our sticker builder. Follow this link and simply choose your shape, material, and size. Finally upload your artwork and select a quantity and we'll do the rest!

With turnaround times as quick as 48 hours, we rarely disappoint.


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