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Paper Stickers: Why You Should Be Using Them For Your Brand

04 Dec, 2020

Paper stickers and why you should be using them

paper stickers

If you are thinking about creating custom stickers for your business you may be looking at the different types of stickers available to you. With so many options to choose from, finding the right type of sticker for your company can be difficult. Do you choose a vinyl sticker? Or go for a metallic look? However, if you are looking for a diverse and environmentally friendly option a paper sticker set may be the one for you. 

What are paper stickers and how do they work? 
Paper stickers are exactly what they sound like! By using high-quality paper we are able to produce paper stickers in whatever design you or your company wants. Paper stickers have many advantages over other types of material for sticker design, such as: 
  • Can be produced in any size or shape 
  • Are more cost-effective than other options 
  • They are the most eco-friendly option as paper stickers can be recycled 
However, paper stickers are not waterproof stickers and are more likely to fade over time. Therefore, if you are looking for durability you may want to opt for vinyl stickers. To find out more, take a look at our blog on the difference between paper and vinyl stickers.
What are the different types of paper stickers? 
There are many different types of paper stickers you can choose from, depending on the design and function you want from your stickers. We provide four different options when choosing the finish of your sticker design. 
Uncoated paper stickers - these are great if you are sticking to a tight budget. An uncoated paper sticker has a rougher finish than stickers made of other materials but still provide a high-quality design print. These types of stickers are also great if you want to be able to write on the stickers. 
Glossy Paper Stickers - although these are not waterproof they are more durable than uncoated paper stickers and provide a shinier finish. 
Fluorescent stickers - fluorescent stickers are a great option if you want to catch customers attention. These can be great for sale items or promotional offers. 
Correction paper labels - these paper labels are a great way of covering up mistakes or outdated information. 
Additionally to these options, we also provide a choice between:
  • Matt finish or gloss finish
  • Temporary or permanent adhesive 
  • Different shaped stickers
Why use paper stickers? 
Aside from the range of benefits we have already listed, there are more reasons to choose stickers as a form of marketing or promotion for your business. Stickers are a great way to promote different aspects of your business and are a cheap way of marketing. By choosing paper stickers you can be safe in the knowledge that you have chosen a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. 
You could use stickers as a free gift for loyal customers, as a reward system, marketing in events or even just as a product to buy. When customers wear your stickers or attach them to their belongings you immediately gain from their activities as family, friends and colleagues notice the sticker design and company name. For more information read Duct tape marketing’s blog on the importance of sticker marketing.
Here at StickerShop, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and high-quality products. Our experts can help you find the right design and finish for your stickers, helping you draw-in valuable clients or reward existing ones! Visit our website to contact our team or give us a call on 0117 329 3733.

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