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Best Stickers To Put on Laptops | StickerShop UK

28 May, 2021

Best stickers to put on laptops

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Putting stickers on your laptop is the ultimate in self-expression. They can make you feel part of a tech tribe or express your support for movements and people. They’re a quick way of letting people know what you’re into or who you work for, and they’re affordable and easy to customise. They can remind you of places you’ve visited or promote your brand. 

If you’re a freelancer, sticker marketing is a great way to let people know about you when you’re working in the local coffee shop. Or you can just have fun decorating your trusty laptop and giving it a personality with custom stickers from the UK. 

Here’s our choice of the best stickers to put on your laptop if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Best for being eye-catching: Holographic stickers

With their funky finish and futuristic dazzle, nothing beats holographic stickers when you want to make an eye-catching impression. Silver holographic stickers will enhance the sleek lines of your aluminium laptop like nothing else. If holographic stickers aren’t for you, try one of our other eye-catching materials

Best for identifying your stuff: Name stickers

How many people have your exact laptop? And how can you prevent an unfortunate mixup? Easy. By adding a colourful and unmissable name sticker to your notebook. You can customise everything from the size to the colour to the font - or opt for fluorescents, so your laptop stands out in a sea of clones. A name sticker is a great way to customise your kit.

Best for social media users: Social stickers

If you want people to know exactly where to find you online, try a premium paper sticker with your social channels printed on it. If you’re a wannabe influencer, your fans will be able to find you at a glance. And with our sticker customisation, it’s easy to add any information you want.

Best for fans: TV & movie inspired stickers

If you’re a fan, let the world know about it with stickers related to your favourite shows and movies. With our full customisation service, you can upload your own fan-based artwork to show your love in a unique way. If you want to stand out as a Thronie or a Dunderhead, start uploading your custom artwork and create your fantastic sticker art.

Best for corporates: Corporate logo stickers

Need a killer giveaway for your next trade show? Corporate laptop stickers are cool and on-trend and can have just about anything printed on them, from your corporate logo to a pithy event-related statement or image. It’s a clever way to create a connection between your brand and an unmissable event. And in terms of cost per impressions, your stickers will effortlessly promote your brand for a massive win-win. 

Best for inspiration: Quote stickers

When you have that essay to finish or a report to write, and you can’t seem to find the inspiration, why not add a motivational quote to a sticker and put it on your laptop? From a personal mantra to something inspirational, simple quotes are all over social media and our homes. Add one to a sticker, and you can carry those wise words with you wherever you go.

Best for you: Your own customised stickers

The best stickers for your laptop are the ones you design yourself. So whether you want to give your computer more personality with stickers of your cat or the latest meme, we can help. Just choose your shape, colour, finish, size and image or message, and we’ll do the rest.

To find out how to decorate your laptop with custom stickers made in the UK, get in touch with the StickerShop team today, and we’ll be happy to help. 

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