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4 Reasons Branding Is Key For Your Business | StickerShop

20 Sep, 2023

4 reasons branding is key for your business

Printing your logo on stickers is a great way to boost your marketing strategy. But getting it right means understanding why branding is essential for your business. After all, your brand is your number one asset when you want to get your products and services noticed. Let’s explore the importance of branding and see how you can enhance yours with custom stickers.

Why branding is so important no matter your industry 

So why is branding important to every business? Your brand is what makes you stand out and get noticed. It puts you head and shoulders above the competition. And it tells a story about the values and qualities that make you unique. 

Recognition and distinction 

Branding is essential for recognition, no matter if you're an independent coffee shop or a nationwide chain. And recognition is all about getting your business noticed without mentioning your name. Think the Starbucks mermaid or Apple's iconic logo. The right visual design makes your business stand out and look great, especially when printing your logo on high-quality stickers. 


Unifying your image and message across all your channels is a great way to achieve brand consistency, letting you reap the benefits of increased sales. Using the same colours and logo design across your packaging and other branding is essential. Identical high-quality corporate labels have a valuable role to play in familiarising your audience with your brand and building authenticity. 

Trust and credibility 

Customers crave trust and credibility from your brand. And you can achieve it in an array of ways, from fantastic customer service to keeping your marketing promises. Strong branding is critical to building trust. So, it makes sense to use logo stickers for packaging and add some freebies to extend your branding reach. 

An emotional connection 

What does your branding say about you? Does it provoke a positive emotional connection? When customers see your brand, you want to evoke feelings like joy, excitement or nostalgia. Your logo is a fantastic way to build the story around your brand and create relatability. 

How you can elevate your business branding with stickers 

So, how can you use logo-printed stickers to elevate your branding? Customised labels are affordable and attention-grabbing, making them a must-have for your business. 



Why invest in customised packaging when you can keep your costs down by printing your logo on stickers? It's an affordable way to get your branding noticed and equally effective as using branded cartons.

You can create different designs on the same sheet to customise the packaging for the product. And if your logo changes, you won't be left with a heap of unusable and expensive boxes. 


Print marketing  

In a digital world, print marketing is still a fantastic way to connect with your customers. And stickers are an eye-catching and versatile way to promote your business or offer an in-store discount. 

Put a QR code on your sticker, and you can instantly track audience engagement through a unique landing page. Alternatively, add important brand information or the dates of your next sale or promo or create a covetable custom design that won't look out of place on a book cover or laptop. 


Events and merchandise  

Think of your stickers as a business card, and they become a fun way to connect with customers at your next event. Printing a logo on stickers creates excitement for an upcoming event or cultivates brand awareness. Try creating a limited edition sticker for merchandising, and you'll soon find your stickers acting as a brand advocate on everything from water bottles to surfboards. 


Shop branded stickers at StickerShop 

Want to take your branding to the next level? Create your own corporate labels and more at StickerShop today. 



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