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How to Use Clear Stickers and Labels on Jars | StickerShop

30 Nov, 2023

How to Use Clear Stickers and Labels on Jars

Clear-printed labels are versatile and effective marketing tools, especially if your product is sold in a jar. Here’s where jar labels and stickers come into play, as they can display your logo or brand sticker alongside your product. 

Let’s delve into the benefits and applications of clear stickers, jar stickers, jar labels, and transparent stickers, especially when it comes to enhancing your product visibility and aesthetic appeal on the shelves.


Why choose clear labels for jars?

Clear labels for jars are not just a practical choice — they're a stylistic one. When you use custom labels for jars, they act as transparent stickers, allowing the natural colour and texture of the jar's contents to be prominently displayed. After all, your product should be centre-stage, and clear jar labels allow for exactly that. 

You may also find that jar labels are well suited to artisanal products such as homemade jams, pickles, and even beauty products. One of the best things about custom clear stickers is that they can be tailored to suit any jar size or shape, offering a seamless and professional look.


Choosing the right ink

At StickerShop, our eco-friendly and semi-translucent inks ensure that light passes through, enhancing the visibility of your product while maintaining the vibrancy of the label design. When it comes to clear stickers for logos or any other bits of textual information, your choice of ink colour is crucial. 

Dark-coloured inks are recommended for their opacity, ensuring that your text or logo design stands out against the contents of the jar. This is especially important for jars with lighter contents, like mayonnaises or creams, so it’s important to keep this in mind when selecting your translucent stickers.


Can you use clear labels for other applications?

It’s important to remember that clear stickers are not limited to just jar labels. Their versatility extends to various other applications, too. 

For instance, they can be used as clear window decals, as part of promotional giveaways, or as part of a larger multi-level marketing campaign. The transparent background of these stickers makes them blend seamlessly with any surface, making them a subtle yet effective branding tool across the board.


Explore our range of clear labels

Finding the right material for your clear jar labels is straightforward. On our website, navigate to the products menu, select our Clear Waterproof Vinyl Stickers, and choose your desired shape. The result? A durable and moisture-resistant option for all of your sticker and label needs. 


Discover more about clear stickers and labels

For those seeking inspiration or guidance on using clear stickers effectively, our blog offers a wealth of resources when it comes to stickers and their applications. 

Why not take a look at our Inspiring Ways to Use Clear Stickers for creative ideas, or learn about How to Put Stickers on a Curved Wall for tips on applying stickers to non-flat surfaces?


Create your own custom jar labels

To explore our full range of jar labels, including other customisable options, head over to our Jar Labels Sticker Collection where you can find various sticker designs and materials suited to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for something minimalist or more intricate, our collection offers a wide range of choices.


Fulfil your sticker needs with StickerShop

Clear stickers, jar stickers, and transparent labels offer a unique way to showcase your products while maintaining a high level of professionalism and brand consistency. 

By choosing the right materials, colours, and designs, you can create visually appealing and functional labels that enhance your product's presentation. 

Don't forget to take advantage of our resources and get in touch with us if you require any assistance when designing your jar stickers! Get designing and customising today.



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