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How to set up your artwork
The basics on how to set up your artwork correctly

Correct Size
Always create your artwork to the correct size and proportion to the label you are ordering
Be aware of Bleed & Safe Zone
Artwork will need to have sufficient bleed
If you are not entirely sure what the bleed means, scroll down to our bleed section where we will explain it in a bit more detail
High resolution
For best printed results, please supply your artwork at a minimum of 350dpi.
Having your artwork in a PDF/Vector format would produce the best printed results, but 350dpi + will also be sufficient
We print using a CMYK print process
We have explained below what CMYK means, and how to set up your artwork in this colour mode
If you want us to check over your artwork before placing an order, please feel free to drop us an email at and we will be happy to advise

What is bleed?
Bleed is the part of your artwork that extends past the edge of the label. This is usually the background of your artwork and gets trimmed off when printing

Why do we have bleed?
We have bleed to make sure your labels have no white edges. This is to ensure the print is right to the edge of the label if there is any slight natural movement when printing
How much should I add?
We require the background of your artwork to extend at least 3mm past the edge of the label to make up its bleed
How to set it up?
Most design tools have the option to input your bleed when starting a new project. Other programs such as photoshop don't have this feature, so you will need to make your artwork 3mm larger on each side manually.

Example: if your label size is 50mm x 50mm - set the artwork up to 56mm x 56mm (3mm on each side)

What is a Safe Zone?
The safe zone is the 'no cross' zone at the edge of the label. We recommend that you keep all text/borders/important stuff within the safe zone boundaries. This will ensure that nothing gets cut off during print.
Why do we have a safe zone?
We have a safe zone to ensure nothing gets cut off when printing. If you had text going right to the edge of the label, there is a chance it will get trimmed off due to the natural movement when printing. The only part of your artwork that should cross this area should be the background.
What size is it?
You should aim to keep any text, borders or important information at least 2.5mm away from the trim lines (edge of label).

We print using CMYK. Occasionally, artwork is set up using the RGB colour mode. You will be able to see the slight difference below.
RBG & CMYK, What is the difference?
RGB is a colour mode that is made up of Red, Green & Blue light. It is used in screens and therefor backlit producing bright vibrant colours. This method of printing isn't available using a digital press, however we will always print the closest CMYK equivalent.
CMYK is the colour mode that we use to print - This is most common in digital print methods; the colours are made up from Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. As you can see from the example above, some of the brighter colours are not always achievable.

File Format
We accept a wide range of file formats, below we have listed the most popular.
If you don't have your artwork in any of these file formats, don't panic! We may be able to use it, just drop us an email & attach your artwork and will we advise.

We require your artwork to be a minimum of 350dpi for best printed results.
350dpi - As you can see the artwork is crisp and clear. This will produce high quality printed results.
72dpi - Very low resolution & pixelated. This will not produce good printed results.

For any artwork with text, we recommend it to be at least 6pt. Use vector PDF whenever possible for the best results

How to set up sticker sheets?
We recommend setting up your sticker sheets yourself, to ensure you are happy with how they look

Space between stickers
You should aim to keep all stickers at least 4mm away from eachother.
Space at the edge of the sheets
You should aim to keep all stickers at least 10mm away from the edge of the sticker sheet.
What is the minimum size of each sticker?
The smallest stickers we cut on the sheet are 10mm. We have no maximum size, as long as they fit within the sheet and the guides.
How do I set up cut paths?
If you are confident in Adobe, you can set up the cut paths by adding a key line stroke around the stickers.

Otherwise, our artwork team will be able to add the cut paths when we come to proof your order.

Cut paths must be set at least 2mm away from the edge of your sticker or at least 2mm inside your artwork so there is a bleed.

If you would like us to check your artwork before placing an order, feel free to email your artwork to, and we would be happy to advise.

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