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Inspiring Ways To Use Clear Stickers | StickerShop

18 Jun, 2023

Inspiring ways to use clear stickers

When you want your brand to shine, waterproof clear stickers give you the edge. But clear decals are also ideal for personalising your laptop or phone or creating fabulous seasonal decorations. Want to find out more about the power of the transparent sticker? StickerShop is here to help.

The benefits of clear stickers

Clear stickers let you get creative with personalisation or packaging. A transparent sticker allows the contents of your product to shine through. But they also create an exciting contrast when used over other custom stickers.

So what are the benefits of clear decals?

  • Versatile: Our clear stickers come in any shape or size, so you can create a slick ‘no label’ look or go bold with large-scale customisation.

  •  Durability: Clear sticker paper is sturdier than paper stickers. So clear stickers are a fantastic choice for long-lasting labelling.

  • Transparent: Clear decals make it easy to see the contents of a jar or package so customers can quickly inspect the contents. As a result, they'll know you have nothing to hide! 

Can you apply clear stickers to any materials?

Yes, you can, so long as the surface is flat and clean. These simple steps will help you apply your stickers professionally every time:

  1. Oil and dust can stop your labels from sticking correctly, so clean the surface with soapy water and a cloth

  2. Wear lint-free gloves or handle the stickers by their edges to minimise fingerprints.

  3. Start by applying one edge and then gently but firmly smooth your sticker flat to minimise air bubbles. Use a wrapping motion for curved surfaces like bottles or jars and work with the curve for the best results.

Using clear stickers at home 

Need clear sticker ideas for your home? Here’s our favourite inspiration for using transparent stickers around the house.

Decorate your windows for all seasons

From festive snowflakes to Easter bunnies and pumpkins, clear window stickers make unique decorations year-round. And they're easy to remove, so you can swap your decor with the seasons.

Cool customisation for phones and laptops

Do you want to personalise your items but avoid covering up the original branding? Clear stickers are a fabulous choice for sticker bombing without losing your favourite designs.

Great for gift wrapping

Add a personal touch to your gift wrap with a clear sticker. The recipient will appreciate the message while still enjoying the beautiful paper you chose.

Elevate your scrapbooking

Design your stickers with transparent and opaque areas, and give a lift to your scrapbooking. Or use clear sticker paper to add text or additional images to your photos.

Are transparent stickers a good idea for business materials?

When it comes to elevating your brand, clear stickers definitely help you stand out. Here’s how:

  • Be transparent: Clear stickers are a great way to inform your customers while giving them a valuable sneak peek. So create a window that lets them know precisely what they're getting in your bottles and jars.

  • Minimal packaging: We love the slick and streamlined look you can only get with clear stickers. 

  • Ideal for bath and beauty products: Water-resistant transparent stickers are perfect for giving that luxe look to bath and beauty products. Highlight your commitment to clean beauty or minimal waste with transparent packaging.

  • Chic window signage: Get noticed with customised clear decals advertising your business. Ideal for putting your opening hours or promos on your windows where customers can see them immediately.

  • Be unique: Clear decals are great for labelling, but it's well worth adding clear, customised labels to mailouts and packaging for a special finishing touch. And because they're durable and waterproof, they won't budge in a hurry.

Custom transparent stickers from StickerShop

Want to enjoy all the benefits of custom clear stickers for your home or business? With StickerShop, you can upload your artwork in a few easy steps, and we’ll print your personalised stickers for you. Get started today.



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