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How Long Do Stickers Last? How To Make Them Last Longer | StickerShop

07 Dec, 2022

How Long Do Stickers Last? How To Make Them Last Longer

Stickers have plenty of fun uses — from business advertising to personalising water bottles, laptops, and more. But which type of sticker stays sticky for the longest? The material and type of adhesive used will greatly affect how long the sticker lasts, so keep reading to learn which type of sticker to choose and how to keep them looking fantastic for longer.

What are the different types of sticker adhesives, and how long do they last?

Sometimes, you may want a super-sticky label that won’t budge. Other times, you might want a removable price tag that won’t leave any sticker residue. At StickerShop, we offer a range of adhesive types that are perfect for different uses.


Permanent adhesive

Permanent adhesive is our most popular multi-purpose sticker option. These stickers are ideal for a variety of surfaces, including packaging, boxes, envelopes, and jars. They will withstand some light washing, although will naturally lose stick the more they get wet.


Extra-permanent adhesive

Extra-permanent adhesive stickers are intended for surfaces that our permanent adhesive doesn’t stick to as well, such as wood. However, our extra-permanent stickers can also be used on the same surfaces as permanent adhesive – they will just last longer!


Removable adhesive

Removable stickers are designed to be temporary. They are peelable and re-stickable and don’t leave behind a residue, making them perfect for books and magazines or as price tags. By their nature, these stickers aren’t designed to last a long time, but they will remain sturdy until the time comes to peel them off.


Static clings

Static cling stickers don’t actually have any adhesive; they statically cling to glass and flat metal surfaces. These stickers can be removed and re-applied as many times as you like and will never lose their stick.


Do vinyl stickers last longer than paper stickers?

Wondering how long vinyl stickers last in comparison to paper stickers? Because vinyl stickers are waterproof, they generally last much longer. They can withstand many more washes than paper stickers and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


How to make your stickers last longer: top tips

Whether you’re decorating a laptop or labelling products to sell, here are some ways to keep your stickers in tip-top condition for longer.


Choose the right sticker material and adhesive for your needs

As mentioned above, vinyl stickers are much more hardwearing than paper ones thanks to their water resistance, so if you’re attaching your sticker to something outside or to something that will get wet frequently, consider a vinyl sticker. If it’s for dry use only, a paper sticker will do the job perfectly. 

You’ll also want to select the most suitable adhesive strength — if you want a really long-lasting sticker, try extra-perm.


Clean the product surface before applying your sticker

Making sure the surface is clean will prevent grit or dirt from getting between it and the adhesive. This will increase the area the sticker has contact with and prolong the sticker’s life and ensure a tidy finish.

Apply the sticker firmly

Press down across the area of the sticker when applying it. Why? This will ensure maximum contact and a strong bond with the surface. It will also reduce air bubbles, which can reduce the adhesive effect.


Check for any air bubbles

So, as you apply the sticker using the above technique, watch for any air bubbles that form and gently push them out with your finger. You can also use a credit card held perpendicular to the surface. As well as reducing the longevity of your stickers, they can also compromise the look.


Order custom stickers and labels from StickerShop

Now you know how to make stickers last longer, you’re ready to get decorating! Whether you’re looking for permanent stickers, outdoor stickers or removable labels, you can order custom sticker designs from StickerShop. Contact us today to find out more, or order a sample pack today.



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