How can sticker printing help in growing your business
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How can sticker printing help in growing your business

23 Oct, 2020

How can sticker printing help in growing your business

Sticker printing  

Here at StickerShop, we are not just passionate about stickers and labels, we’re also eager to help you to grow your business and share your brand or artwork with the world. We know that keeping your business or project on budget is an important part of the product choices you make which is why our premium paper stickers are a great starting point, and, not to mention, our all-time most popular product! Sticker printing is what we do - continue reading to see how this can help you.

Value for money

Our premium printed paper, affordable stickers not only offer great value for money but are fully customisable, meaning they can be printed to any size or shape you need. 
Not only is the design fully editable, but there are different adhesive options too. We make sticker printing super easy. 
Choose from paper labels in a wide range of sizes and shapes as pre-cut sheets - we even have options for bottle label printing. Browse our website to find the right look for you.

Eco-conscious Custom Sticker UK

Today, we are all doing our best to treat our planet right, so you will be pleased to know that not only are our printed paper stickers affordable and high quality, but they are also much more eco-friendly than plastic-based stickers. Bonus points: you can also recycle them!
This means you, your business and customers can maintain a low carbon footprint - something that is important for all of us to consider these days.

Creative freedom

At StickerShop, unlike some, we also offer you the option to finish your paper stickers with a gloss topcoat. This makes your stickers more durable and elevates them beyond a normal paper sticker. 
A gloss finish paired with your unique design and custom cut shapes means you can have some truly special labels for a great price. 
There is also the possibility of splitting a print run between various images, which is perfect if you need variation in product labels and can make bulk printing more cost-effective especially when paired with our free shipping to mainland UK addresses.  You simply can’t go wrong! 


Whether you’re looking to promote an event, label your products or looking for fun handouts to give to customers and clients, our custom printed stickers and labels are ideal.
With a range of different styles and materials, we have something to suit every purpose and budget. Whether it’s our clear or white waterproof vinyl stickers or our metallic or paper ones they can be custom printed and cut to your specification, meaning you end up with a sticker as unique as your business. 
Our premium paper stickers are a great starting point and are perfect for labelling products, sealing packaging, pricing, care and use guidelines or safety warnings as well as almost any other application you can think of.

Brand visibility

Unique, branded stickers and labels with your logo and social media handles on are a great way to get your business noticed and to make sure it is remembered. 
Whether you are using them to label products, seal packaging or giving them away as a promotion - a well-designed sticker will add a touch of luxury and professionalism to your brand that is invaluable in today’s market. 

What are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to take your business promotion or product labelling to the next level or just want to get your brand or artwork out there with some custom printed paper stickers, why not take a look at making your own via our easy to use website form today? 
Or, if you have any questions, get in touch with our friendly team who are ready and waiting to help. 

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