7 ways stickers can be used as a great marketing device %}

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7 ways stickers can be used as a great marketing device

20 Feb, 2020

7 ways stickers can be used as a great marketing device

7 ways stickers can be used as a great marketing device

Deciding to design, create and print new stickers for your business has many benefits.

Unlike choosing to spend millions on a big TV advert campaign, stickers are a relatively small way of mixing up your marketing plan, but they can have incredible results.

Since they're so easily portable, they can be used everywhere for so many different reasons.

Here's why sticker printing could be just the thing your marketing strategy needs...

1. Printed paper stickers can help you create a unique marketing strategy

You get complete control over your stickers and can choose what words or images feature on them. This means they are going to help you create a marketing plan that emphasises the unique, original offering your business has.

You can make your stickers as simple or complex as you like. You can match them up with the colours of your brand or include your logo or slogan. Whatever you decide for your sticker design, you can rest assured no-one else will have the same.

2. There are different types of stickers, so you can tailor your marketing plan

Whatever sticker you want or wherever you want to put them, you can choose the right type for the marketing plan you want to create.

From vinyl stickers that are tough and versatile to waterproof stickers and water-resistant labels, there are so many choices to help you make your marketing the best it can be.

3. Send a message

Printed stickers can, of course, include words as well as images. This means you have yet another way of getting a message across to your customers.

That may be your slogan or perhaps you're launching a new product, holding an event or have a special offer on. Let your customers know with a sticker.

4. Become recognisable

How great would it be if you could just stick your custom labels all over the place and people would know exactly who you are? We're not suggesting you start putting your stickers all over the next bus you get on, but there is truth in how using labels and custom stickers can help your brand be more recognised.

You could choose the most unusual design for your custom stickers but the more people that see it, the more they will know what it is and associate it with you.

5. They can be a call to action

Custom printed stickers could include a call to action if you wanted to speak directly to your potential customers.

If you have a special offer online, why not direct your customers to the right area of your website? If there are tickets to buy for an event, tell them to head online and get them before they sell out. You may choose to design stickers that are only relevant for a short amount of time, which is fine too.

6. You can put them anywhere

So you've designed and printed your custom labels, where do you put them? Anywhere! That's why they're such a great marketing tool.

Custom stickers can go onto packaging or directly onto your products if that's appropriate. If you have premises, they could be stuck on walls or other equipment. Stickers could also go onto any physical correspondence you make and they can even go on people! Staff members can wear stickers and you can give them out to customers to wear - an amazing way of raising brand awareness.

7. They're affordable

If you compare cheap sticker printing with pretty much every other form of marketing, apart from word of mouth, they will come out cheaper. TV adverts, posters, leaflets, social media, email and digital advertising, events - it all costs a lot more than ordering a batch of stickers, especially when you can choose how many stickers you want too.

You could start with a small batch of label printing if you're unsure about how they will work or where you will use them and then monitor how much of a difference they're making to your business before ordering more.

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