Use label printing to build a brand and launch a new product
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Use label printing to build a brand and launch a new product

17 Mar, 2020

Use label printing to build a brand and launch a new product

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Getting a strong, favourable first response to a new product can be about aesthetics.

When launching a new product in either clicks or bricks shops, or business-to-business, you can’t make label printing an afterthought if you want to get the right reaction.

If you're carefully bringing a new product to market, then you will already have invested considerable sums in essential steps such as Research & Development, prototyping, consumer research and production. Then, you start totting up the costs of outbound marketing and sales activities, as well as order fulfilment processes.

In all this activity, it's too easy to lose sight of one of the most important passive marketing steps – getting your product labels and other packaging items ‘on point’.

Label printing is part of visual value

The massive upsurge in imagery posted on social media and used as a ‘communications tool’ shows just how much modern consumers are influenced by visual input.

When it comes to whether they buy your product or not, first impressions count!

Yes, they will look at the cost of your new product and whether its benefits represent value for money. However, they're also highly likely to develop an instant reaction to its appearance too.

Which means you must make sure that your brand identity is clear on printed stickers as well as any boxes and other outer materials used. Putting the right information and graphics on custom stickers or labels for products and packaging can also ensure that your customers come back for more, more often.

Tips on label printing and packaging for product launches

Here are some insights on how to make sure new products make a great first impression, building brand loyalty from day one!

• Reflect your brand identity brilliantly

You should have a clear brand identity for your new product, including the wording and imagery to be used in advertising and promotional activity. It’s essential to create synergy with the appearance of your product packaging and labelling too.

If this is a high-end product, investing in labelling that's visually impressive is commercial common sense – such as adding die-cut paper stickers with high visual appeal.

• Make your product stand out

You will already know that packaging – and details such as custom labels and custom stickers - can make your product and its outer packaging more appealing on the shelves of supermarkets. However, if this is an item for eCommerce, similar principles apply. When you photograph the item for your website - or your first customers receive it – well-designed packaging and attractive label printing make the whole thing more 'aspirational'.

• Get creative with odd-shaped items

If your new product and its packaging are a non-standard shape or size, then source a versatile and responsive label printing service. In some cases, vinyl stickers may be the best bet to shape around new products, while still holding their integrity and appearance.

• Think about ‘lifecycle’ of products

This is something that manufacturers of new products sometimes overlook. The best example is an item likely to be stored in a bathroom. As soon as the moisture level goes up, you don’t want your printed label to slide off or worse still transfer ink on to a consumer’s hand! In this case, waterproof stickers and water-resistant labels are essential.

The same rule of thumb applies to a new product that's likely to be handled a great deal or come under friction. Using a printed paper sticker – and opting for cheap sticker printing – may not be the best course. You may need to source services for custom stickers UK companies can rely on for robust solutions.

• If you’re adding a cost, make it clear!

Are your price labels clear and upfront? Tucking that sort of information away or not including it at all, may put some potential purchasers off.

Talking of prices, the cost of getting your product packaging wrong can be considerable, but hard to measure. Which is why we help our customers to source label printing that matches their exact specifications when launching new products.

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