Tips When Designing Car Stickers
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Tips When Designing Car Stickers

15 Mar, 2019

Tips When Designing Car Stickers

Vehicles are a great advertising space because of their ability to move from place to place. By merely printing a sticker and putting it on the window or bumper of a vehicle, you can effectively spread your message and create brand awareness. Aside from this, car stickers are also affordable and easy to print, which makes them a great marketing tool. Various businesses have been using bumper and window stickers for years to make the most of their marketing campaigns. 

Tips When Designing Car Stickers

With many people spending most of their time on the road, it would be impossible not to notice these stickers with interesting designs. If you are looking to create eye-catching car stickers for your business, here are some tips that you need to note.

1. Utilise colours that are pleasing to the eyes
When designing stickers, it is important to use colours wisely. Be careful when choosing your colour patterns to create great results. Ideally, it would be good to have at least two to three colours on the car sticker design. Remember that your goal when promoting products or services is to increase brand visibility. With this is in mind, draw your customers’ attention by using bright colours. You may also opt for dark coloured text and light coloured background fillers. Maintain consistency by using brand colours that are present in your other promotional tools such as banners, posters and brochures. If you are not sure what colour to use, consult colour scheme designer applications that are available online.

2. Choose a catchy slogan
Have your business slogan on the design of your car sticker. This will be helpful in kicking off your marketing campaign. If you don’t have one yet, consider making your own. When making a slogan for your business or product, make sure that it represents your brand and will easily stick in the viewer’s mind. Keep it short and simple and figure out the unique selling point of your product or service. Use wording that will remain valued over a long period of time. 

3. Let your humour work  

A funny saying, slogan or joke can garner customer attention and ultimately, a huge following. As such, you must use your sense of humour when making stickers to make you stand out from the rest and make you feel more approachable. The positive emotions a funny slogan gives out are critical in building a harmonious relationship with customers. Remember to be careful when choosing words or graphics as others may find certain images raunchy or offensive. You can’t censor who sees your car stickers so it’s better to design them in a family-friendly way.

4. Use graphics sparingly
Whilst graphics are important in creating your window sticker design, you must not overdo it. Use graphics in a way that the rest of the sticker will remain visually clean and readable. Do not put too many photos or texts as it can confuse the viewers. Make sure that the graphics and texts work well together.

5. Format the design in high resolution 
If you want to make a bold statement, you can print a large sticker. For large-format stickers, make sure that the photo has at least 300 pixels per inch, to ensure a high-quality print. Take note that even if the supplier uses high-quality printing materials, it will be useless if your image has a low resolution. Avoid having fuzzy or pixelated stickers by formatting your design in high resolution.

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