Matte Stickers vs Glossy Stickers: Which Is Best For You?
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Matte Stickers vs Glossy Stickers: Which Is Best For You?

04 Mar, 2021

Matte stickers vs gloss stickers: which is best for you?

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At StickerShop, we give you the opportunity to customise everything about your stickers and labels. We want you to have complete control as we understand the weight of every decision made. This is way we wanted to make sure our choices for shapes, sizes, materials, and adhesives are endless. As well as these, we also have many different finishes to choose from, including un-coated, metallic, brushed, mirror, and our two most popular: gloss and matt.

Choosing your finish, just like your other custom choices, is often just about having an aesthetic preference. The glossy or matte choice often comes down to practical considerations relating to your sticker’s needs. With advantages to both of these finishes, we’re here to run you through all you need to know to make your final decision.

All about Glossy Stickers

Glossy stickers, also referred to as gloss stickers, are characterised by their high gloss shine and bright surface. It is known as an engaging finish as it has a certain eye catching look, making it an exciting design element for your custom stickers. Due to the colour pop gloss offers, it makes for an attractive and professional finish.

Glossy stickers are a great choice for a variety of products and conditions, but, due to the special coatings used on this finish,  they add extra beneficial properties you may not have even thought of! Glossy stickers and labels are often more durable and weather-resistant compared to other finishes (although not suitable for long-term outdoor use). In addition, due to the coating, you are able to wipe them clean. Please note that they are water-resistant, not waterproof.

Glossy stickers can be used on a variety of products, but you will most commonly see these being used in the following circumstances:
  • Digital photo printing
  • Point of sale stickers, such as on books and DVDs
  • Cosmetic and beauty bottles, such as make-up and hygiene products

All about Matte Stickers

Matte stickers, also spelled as "matt", are characterised by their soft satin appearance, making for a natural smooth and soft surface, free of shine. It is especially popular amongst those looking for a more muted and subtle approach for their finished artwork.

The less reflective surface of matte stickers and labels are beneficial when the details of the design must be easy to read. This can't be said for gloss which, due to their reflective nature, are harder to read when light sources reflect off its surface. Additionally, the result of the matte finish offers muted colours, meaning it is suitable on highly detailed photos and designs.

Matte stickers can be used on a variety of products, but you will most commonly see these being used in the following circumstances:
  • Barcode labels
  • Bottle labels, such as wine and beer bottles
  • Jar labels, such as jam jars
So, which should you go for?

Ultimately, both of these finishes can work in your favour. The deciding factor for the gloss or matte choice will often be based on two components: the content and the use of the decal. However, don't forget that a mix of both finishes isn't out of the question, and can often be ideal for those wanting to use stickers for different uses.

Friendly advice from StickerShop

Still unsure which finish is best for your business? You can order a free sample pack to make sure you're completely happy with your choices before placing your order. Alternatively, if you need some extra guidance, please do get in touch with our team of friendly experts who will be able to guide you in the right (sticker) direction.

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