Label printing: a beginner’s guide
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Label printing: a beginner’s guide

27 Aug, 2020

Label printing: a beginner’s guide

Label printing: a beginner’s guide
Are you thinking about getting some labels printed? Not sure where to start? With a huge amount of information on the internet, it’s no wonder it can be a bit confusing! Here we take it back to basics.

What might you need them for?
The first (and possibly most important!) question is: what do you need them for? Let’s consider a few of the most common reasons. 

Perhaps you’re launching a product, building a brand, have a specific event coming up or are looking at different ways to package your product. Opting for printed labels brings a wealth of benefits that you may not have previously considered. Achieving a truly professional look creates consumer confidence in the quality of the product or brand. A well-designed printed label can become your strongest marketing tool for a relatively little spend on your budget -
– your customers will enjoy using it and give you free advertising! Have a look at our recent blog on the benefits of label printing for your business for more inspiring tips.

Creative industry
Are you a musician, artist or designer? Labels or custom printed stickers can be a great self-promotion tool for anyone working in the creative industries. Choosing a custom sticker design can be a great way to promote yourself, your services or an upcoming event or exhibition. 

Homelife: getting organised
Printing personalised labels to identify belongings in the office, at school or nursery is a wonderful way to get organised and prevent items from going missing. Doing this will also score you brownie points with your child’s school and nursery staff! 

Where do I start?

Decide on material 
The next step is to decide on the material that best suits your needs. Vinyl stickers are incredibly durable, water-resistant and come with a range of adhesion options. Printed paper stickers are hugely popular as a cost-effective option, particularly if intended for indoor use, where they are unlikely to be exposed to any substances which could cause it to fade or tear. 
An important aspect to consider in our increasingly green-world is the ecological impact of your label choice. Vinyl stickers are readily recyclable and eco-friendly in that it requires fewer natural resources to produce. That said, vinyl stickers are comprised of a type of plastic and, if reducing your environmental footprint is important to you, your brand or business, printed paper stickers might be the solution you’re after.
Decide on design
Deciding on design is the next step. Have a read of our blog for more on materials and shapes, which will guide you through the process, with options for different shapes, text, colour and finishing. 
If your goal is promotion through label printing, choosing a custom sticker may give you the results you’re looking for. Similarly, a die-cut sticker looks particularly chic, where the stickers are cut through the material and backing paper to the exact shape of the design. The result is a great looking sticker before it is even applied! First impressions count and your printed label should make your business stand out. 

Laying down the design and printing
The process of laying down your design and printing is the easy part! Our friendly team will always check over your artwork and send a sample before the print run – having an extra pair of eyes on the creation you’ve spent hours on is essential! Speak to a member of our team today – labels are waiting to be printed!

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