Car stickers and decals: Business advertising on the move.
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Car stickers and decals: Business advertising on the move.

08 Nov, 2017

Car stickers and decals: Business advertising on the move.

Car stickers are typically a fun and creative way of dressing up a vehicle, but they’re also an extremely effective form of business advertising. Many will consider car stickers to be a dated advertising method, which is understandable in the digitally dominant world that we currently live in. Car stickers, however, are still an extremely effective, yet simple, form of business advertising, and they are extremely cost-effective as well.
Placing information about your business, an event, or cause, will increase its audience exposure simply because you will be constantly on the move. In this respect, it becomes a valuable and affordable form of advertising for growing and established businesses alike.
Carefully consider shape and size.
The shape and size of your car sticker will not only impact the final cost but will also affect its prominence to your audience. A larger sticker will come with the obvious benefit of increased visibility, but if it doesn’t fit on your desired surface then it becomes completely useless. Similarly, a unique sticker shape may seem like a great way to catch attention, but is it suitable for the content you’re looking to display? 
It may be worth having your sticker die cut to fit a specific design, as this creative touch will increase the likelihood of passers-by stopping to read the information presented.
Positioning matters for maximum exposure.
Where you decide to position your car sticker will significantly impact its visibility to drivers and pedestrians passing by. Some will choose to place stickers on the bumper of the car, however, this may limit who will actually be able to see it. Placing the stickers in the window of your vehicle will keep it at eye level with drivers behind you so you can guarantee that your sticker will be seen.
If you opt for the rear windscreen position, then static cling will offer lasting adhesion to the surface, with the option to remove and reposition your sticker if you are unhappy with the initial placement.  
Don’t overdo it with the layout
Car stickers can offer a decent amount of space for advertising and information, but that does not mean you need to go overboard. The layout needs to be noticeable and clear, with bold and easy-to-read text combined with an eye-catching choice of colours. In some cases, the simplicity of black and white may be all you need to catch the attention of other drivers. It’s important that information included is concise, and to the point – no one will take the time to read a sticker that is packed full of unnecessary text. Consulting with a company that specialises in creating a variety of sticker types will help to cut down on unnecessary content and produce a final product that is eye-catching and effective.
Consider all marketing possibilities.
There are so many marketing benefits with car stickers that it is vital you take a few additional factors into consideration before completing your design.
If you plan on distributing your car stickers to clients and potential future customers, then you must ensure that the content is suitable for all vehicle types. It is also important that you include your contact information, and a general call to action, to encourage clients to get in touch. Putting your business number, email address, website, and/or social media pages is advised. 
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