7 Great Uses For Waterproof Labels
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7 Great Uses For Waterproof Labels

13 Aug, 2018

7 Great Uses For Waterproof Labels

Not a lot of people realise the great uses of waterproof labels and so, they are often undervalued. To help you appreciate waterproof labels, here are some of the great ways in which you can use waterproof labels.

1. Use for bathroom and general cosmetics
It is paramount to use waterproof labelling for any cosmetics as the product containers can be wiped clean of any spillages, also if your producing cosmetics that are bathroom based like shampoo’s, bath salts, soaps then waterproof labels will stay attached to your product even in the shower!

2. Use to label your Watersport equipment

Watersport equipment is generally colourful and heavily branded so waterproof stickers and labels are perfect for this application, whether it is for warning signs, product placement, or just promoting a cool name, waterproof vinyl based stickers are perfect and will not peel away in fresh or salt water, a good option to add for long lasting water sport labels is lamination, this protects the printed surface from scratches and rubbing.

3. Use to label frozen food

A practical way of using waterproof labels is by using it to label frozen food. This way, the sticker doesn’t become flimsy and won’t peel off. If you want to defrost your food by placing it in warm water, you may do so without any worries that the sticker will come off.

4. Use to personalise your car or motorbike

Water proof stickers, small signage and product labels are all perfect for any type of transport, whether it is advertising a brand on the side of your vehicle or applying a telephone number to a back window small waterproof signage is perfect. Personalised stickers are also great for cars and motorbikes to put your message across, also labels with warnings to other road users are perfect in waterproof material making sure they do not peel away under wet conditions.

5. Use to label safety equipments
If you have outdoor appliances that could be precarious to use when handled inefficiently, it is important to place some precautionary instructions for everyone to see. Use waterproof labels on these, especially if they are being utilised with power equipment like high-power washers or industrial cleaners.

6. Use on outdoor litter bins
Place waterproof labels on recycling bins so that people will know what goes where. Printing in waterproof labels are ideal for these as they are often placed outdoors and can come in contact with water regularly. This way one label will last a long time and you don’t have to spend for reprinting again and again.

7. Use in front of stores
Waterproof labels are perfect advertisement materials to be placed on your store's door front or windows. Print your logo, catchphrase or any fun designs that can entice potential customers.

There are countless uses for waterproof labels and these are just a few of them. The only limit is your imagination! If you want to start using waterproof labels in your home, office or business space, look no further.

Here at the StickerShop, the experience of our team helps us to produce the best waterproof labels that you’ll find for your brand's effective advertising. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible when it comes to waterproof labels and stickers. Don’t hesitate to call us on 01275 217100 or send us a message at hello@stickershop.co.uk. Our friendly team is always eager to help. You may also continue browsing our website to learn more about the products and/or services that we offer

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