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5 Fun Things To Do With Easter Stickers | StickerShop

03 Apr, 2023

5 fun things to do with Easter stickers in 2023

Easter crafts are an “eggcellent” way to celebrate the spring holiday. They won’t leave a mess and are great for entertaining all ages. Best of all, you can design your own Easter themed stickers in any size, shape or colour. 

We’ve put together some fun sticker-based activities, from creating vibrant displays with Easter window stickers to finding out how to put stickers on Easter eggs without scrambling them! 

Homemade Easter cards

Making homemade cards is a lovely, non-messy craft for all the family to enjoy. And all you need are pre-made blank greeting cards or an old cereal box, plus an assortment of Happy Easter stickers and other embellishments.

The fantastic thing about custom stickers is that you can choose the colours and images you want. So if your kids want to wish Granny a Happy Easter with dinosaurs, we’ve got a sticker for that!

A vibrant Easter display

Creating a vibrant Easter display is an excuse to go Easter sticker crazy. 

Start by decorating your windows with custom-cut window clings for an instant pop of fun and colour. Then, with personalised Easter window stickers, you can create traditional religious scenes or cover your panes with the Easter Bunny.

And you don’t have to stop there. Draw Easter egg outlines on pieces of paper for the little ones to decorate with Easter stickers, and jazz up your Easter baskets with funky metallic highlights. Or why not design cute Easter Bunny stickers so your kids can have fun creating stories for their friends?

With such affordable prices, you can decorate your home from the attic to the basement without spending a fortune.

Add some flair to an Easter egg hunt

Easter weather can be unpredictable, so why not add some Easter sticker flair to your egg hunt? Waterproof stickers are a perfect choice for creating outdoor signs and clues that will stay looking good even if the weather takes a turn for the worse.


You can use personalised stickers for your Easter egg hunt invitation or craft personalised baskets or bags for your Easter swag. We recommend our durable vinyl stickers, so they stand up to anything. Give everyone a personalised “egg hunter” sticker so everyone gets to know each other, then reward the winner with a fun “champion” sticker. 

Personalise your Easter eggs

Of course, Easter is all about eggs — the yummy chocolate kind and hard-boiled or wooden eggs for decorations.

Happy Easter stickers with everyone’s names are a lovely way to personalise chocolate eggs. But there are plenty of other fun egg-based crafts that kids will love. Here are a couple of simple ideas that are sure to create treasured Easter memories!

Sticker-stencil decorated eggs

We recommend foil stickers for this craft as they’re easy to remove without breaking the egg. Start by decorating the eggshell with your chosen stickers in any pattern you like. Then dye the eggs using natural dyes like onion skins or food-safe dyes from your baking cupboard. Leave the eggs to dry, then carefully peel off the stickers to reveal the eggshell beneath.

How to put stickers on Easter eggs

Try die-cut stickers for the best results — the custom shapes make it easier to mould the stickers around the shape of the egg. First, remove the backing paper, then carefully mould the sticker around the egg. Apply gentle pressure to ensure it sticks, then add decorations and embellishments for extra bling. Finally, add name stickers for a truly personalised touch.

Create your own Easter stickers with StickerShop

At StickerShop, we think stickers are perfect at any time of year, not just at Easter. It’s easy to build your own customised sticker, and they’re a fantastic, inexpensive way to enjoy crafts with all the family! Shop online now or contact us to find out more. 



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