4 'out of the box' uses for custom stickers!
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4 'out of the box' uses for custom stickers!

01 Mar, 2019

4 'out of the box' uses for custom stickers!

4 'out of the box' uses for custom stickers!Stock free image URL


4 'out of the box' uses for custom stickers!

There are many different uses for stickers and many different materials that they are made from. StickerShop provides ranges such as waterproof and water resistant vinyl stickers are easily accessible, as well as paper-based and die cut stickers. Stickers have an almost endless amount of uses, but the following is a breakdown of some great uses which you can benefit from. 

1. Lost property

Waterproof stickers can be used to help identify the lost property. Laminated vinyl stickers can be placed onto items such as bikes, cars, and even luggage like suitcases. Waterproof stickers mean your property can be identified in all types of weather. You can add information such as name and addresses and contact numbers to help someone contact you and help you return your property if it were lost. These stickers can be ordered on an easy remove material so you can and reapply multiple times, and you won't get adhesive residue or paper left behind on items like valuables. 

2. Started your own business?

Started your own business? Help bring your passion alive by creating custom vinyl stickers to represent your business. You can use stickers to label your packaging or on your products. Different kinds of stickers can be produced to suit the business, such as water resistant labels or even die cut labels to impress the customer. Customers will enjoy seeing your brand's stickers on the product, and it will help proudly represent your profession. Labels from StickerShop don't always have to be on white paper too, you can get them made with clear gloss vinyl for a clean and professional look. You can add waterproof labels to your car window to help promote your business in public, it will survive different weather types but most importantly it will catch people's eye! 

3. Turn them into magnets

Organisation is essential for work, so why not use stickers to help organise your work space? Use different paper labels to help organise your filing cabinet and never struggle to find that important document or report that you need. You can add text onto the labels if needed, or even order the labels blank so you can add your own writing. If you need a large number of stickers not to worry, StickerShop offers fantastic quality sheets of stickers at great prices.

4. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is an interesting way to keep photos, keepsakes and other items you may have picked up on your travels, such as tickets. Create your own stickers to help identify different memories or places you want to remember. Different types of designs and materials of stickers are fantastic for this. Paper-based stickers are perfect for your scrapbook as you can write on them with a pen, but there are different many ways in which you could utilise stickers within a scrapbook.

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