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Your Guide to Vinyl Stickers - StickerShop

23 Dec, 2020

Your guide to vinyl stickers

The word vinyl gets tossed around quite frequently, but what exactly is it? And, more to the point, what does it mean when it comes to sticker printing? When it comes to sticker printing, it's important for you to have all your options laid out clearly so that you can make the most suitable decision for your needs, whether that be for your branding, or personal use.

In order to answer the multiple frequently asked questions we often get on the topic, we’ve decided to compile a comprehensive guide to the world of vinyl so that you can make smarter, wiser decisions when it comes to choosing your sticker materials.

What is vinyl material?

Vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is often described as the most versatile plastic, used in the creation of pretty much everything! The material does not deteriorate with moisture and is therefore more durable than most.

How long do vinyl stickers last?

The answer can vary depending on the surface and location they are stuck to, but, as a rule of thumb, vinyl stickers are said to last around 8 years. They are designed to be durable and tough, meaning they are ideal for long term usage. They also do not fade, which may explain why businesses tend to veer towards this material over others. Make sure the sticker is applied to a clean surface to help prolong its survival.

What can you use vinyl stickers for?

Vinyl stickers can be used for a multitude of surfaces and areas. They can be used in a number of locations due to being water-resistant and durable, as well as ideal for a variety of products, such as food and bottle labels. With a wide variety of vinyls available, we can help you decide on the perfect one for you.

Vinyl stickers or paper stickers?

As debated on our vinyl vs paper article, we do believe that the benefits of vinyl slightly outweigh those of paper stickers - especially if durability is in question. However, paper stickers do still have their advantages, such as being budget friendly and eco friendly, but they can't withstand extreme outdoor conditions, are likely to fade and are vulnerable to tearing. With vinyl, you can be more flexible: waterproof vinyl stickers can be used for large or small surfaces, as well as both indoor and outdoor areas. You can cut them to any size to suit whatever application you desire.

Can you customise vinyl stickers?

It's a big yes from us! The variety of colours and finishing options on vinyl stickers make them a more adaptable and tailored option over traditional materials. In addition, you can cut them to any size desired to suit any application. By choosing our Stickershop printing services, we can offer unparalleled customisation with your vinyl stickers which, after all, is essential when wanting to create your own labels.

At Stickershop, our simple and quick ordering service, and our readily available customer service team will make your sticker printing experience trouble-free and enjoyable. You have complete control with how your printed vinyl stickers and labels are produced. You can even provide us with your own artwork to be transformed into high-quality custom stickers.

So, if we've tempted you to get on the vinyl stickers bandwagon, be sure to place your order, or get in touch with our friendly team who can answer any further queries and guide you through the printing process.

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