The Wonder that is Waterproof Stickers and Labels
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The Wonder that is Waterproof Stickers and Labels

03 Dec, 2017

The Wonder that is Waterproof Stickers and Labels

The power of an effective sticker or label is often unmatched in terms of advertising and informative properties. However, traditional paper stickers do not offer the versatility that some businesses require in terms of weather resistance and durability.

Opting for waterproof stickers and labels might be the perfect solution for you and your business, so here's a little more information about what they have to offer.

How do they work?
It may seem like an extremely complicated process to waterproof a set of stickers or labels. In reality, however, it’s a lot simpler than you might think. 
There is absolutely no need for a chemical-filled waterproof spray or coating, as many label printing companies like StickerShop rely on a more durable waterproof vinyl. This means that you can still choose from any shapes, lots of different finishes and adhesive types to find the perfect sticker solution for you and your business needs.
Why do you need them?
 1. Make the most of all advertising options
With waterproof labels and stickers, you aren’t bound by advertising constraints of labels that can’t be exposed to the elements. Advertising is everything for businesses, which is why it is important to advertise and market yourselves across multiple mediums. This should include all digital options available to you, in addition to traditional printed mediums. The use of waterproof stickers and labels mean that you can still advertise effectively on car vehicles, windows, or present critical information that you know will be seen. 
 2. Freedom to customise
The flexibility of waterproof stickers also means you don’t have to compromise on design. You can fully represent your business through continued colour schemes, designs, and tagline. Details are important for businesses, and by showing that you’ll take the time to ensure that your brand identity is conveyed on something as small as a sticker or label will suggest to potential customers that you are fully invested in what your company has to offer.
Remember, continuation and consistency is everything when it comes to branding.
 3. Long-lasting
As your labels and stickers will be protected against the elements, you can be sure that they will stay in it for the long-haul. Not only is this a fantastic benefit for those looking to advertise their business, products, services, or critical information for as long as possible, but it also means you can save valuable money on replacement labels. 
 4. Ink and design protection
Labels and stickers are a simple solution that often keeps businesses running smoothly, whether they’re used for organisation tools, information, product description, or business advertising. The last thing you want to worry about, therefore, is any damage occurring, as this could mean you have to spend time and money replacing them. 
This is a durable solution for all sticker and label needs, so you can be sure that the elements will never cause damage with the use of waterproof vinyl and UV inks.
 5. Uses that will help your company expand
Waterproof labels are fantastic for products likely to be exposed to liquid and/or condensation. For any companies producing food and drink, or bath, shower, and makeup/cosmetic products, therefore, waterproof labels are an absolute must. Waterproofing will ensure that product labels remain fixed, no matter how much liquid and condensation they are exposed to them, suitable for freezing, refrigerating, and exposure to steam.
If labels are needed for outdoor use, waterproof vinyl seems like a no-brainer. The British weather is so unpredictable that it’s nice to know that you can trust your labels to stick it out. Come wind, rain, or shine, you can be sure that your labels will stay in place, without the risk of ink-running and peeling. 
The StickerShop offers a fantastic selection of paper, vinyl, and waterproof stickers, that are fully customisable based on your business requirements.

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