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Five Ingenious Ways To Brand Your Business Through Stickers | StickerShop

19 Jul, 2023

Five Ingenious Ways To Brand Your Business Through Stickers

When you’re looking for a tried and tested marketing device, business stickers deliver. They're a creative way to boost your branding with stand-out packaging and finishing touches that get you noticed. The bottom line is, can your business afford to ignore low-cost, powerful marketing stickers as part of your branding strategy? 

Try these simple and effective ideas if you're looking for ingenious ways to get your brand noticed. 



Elevate your packaging 

From funky box seals to custom stickers in the box, there are so many ways to elevate your packaging and get your brand noticed using branding stickers.  

Try printing your logo on stickers and swapping them in for packing tape wherever possible. If you routinely enclose a thank you card, add a branded sticker to reinforce your messaging. The unboxing experience is critical to creating positive brand associations, so go all out with strategically placed stickers. 


Make your own merch 

Creating funky branding stickers that attract attention is one thing. But why not turn your marketing stickers into must-have merch? Your stickers celebrate your creativity, making them highly desirable for promotional giveaways or as freebies to add to online orders. 

What’s interesting about stickers advertising is you never know where they’ll end up. Hand out corporate labels at a trade show, and you’ll start generating plenty of buzz around your stand. Or hand out freebie stickers during a sale event to increase the excitement. 


Create brand ambassadors 

One of the most significant benefits of business stickers is how they create ambassadors for your brand. So start by encouraging employees to decorate personal items like laptops and water bottles and place them around your business where customers are sure to see them.   

Our high-tack vinyl stickers will stick to virtually anything, including your cash register, office door, plant pots, hard hats and more. Look around your business premises, and use branded stickers at high-traffic points where customers can’t miss them. 


Think outside the box 

If you want to get ingenious with your stickers advertising, you need to think outside the box. So don’t be limited by the four walls of your store or cafe - use your windows to attract passers-by with eye-catching stickers. 

Car stickers are another advertising trend that's well-worth exploiting. After all, a well-designed bumper or window sticker can travel hundreds of miles, creating countless impressions. Remember to add marketing stickers to your delivery vehicles, including bikes and vans, so your marketing message gets straight to the heart of your target market.  


Unlock promos with QR codes  

Another great way to create a buzz around your brand is to give your customers promos and discounts. And one way to intrigue your consumers is to hand out stickers with QR codes. These are simple to create. Just add your logo and a colourful background so people are compelled to see what's hidden by the code. 


Spotlight your USP 

Printing your logo on stickers will get your brand noticed. But why not go one step further and spotlight your USP? If you use local ingredients in your recipes, highlight this with a sticker on your packaging. Maybe your brand is vegan or gluten-free - customers will appreciate business stickers that make it easy to pick out your products. 

Personalising your branding stickers with useful information adds value for your customers and creates a positive impression of your products as a must-buy brand. 


Boost your brand with StickerShop  

However you choose to use your business stickers, they’re an affordable way to get your brand noticed. At StickerShop, you can customise everything, including the shape and the finish, to create unique stickers that make your brand stand out. 

Shop today and start creating envy-worthy stickers that boost your brand.


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