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What Are Static Cling Stickers? | StickerShop

09 Mar, 2022

What are Static Cling Stickers?

Looking for reusable stickers that don’t leave any residue? Read on to learn all about static cling stickers and their incredible properties.

Static cling stickers don’t require any messy glue before application. Instead, you can apply them to any flat or non-porous surface and reuse them. That’s right, you can peel off and reapply your static cling stickers – saving you time and money.

Also known as static clings, these clever stickers are made from thinly cut durable vinyl. Just think, you can reuse them for recurring seasonal events without having to order a fresh batch of stickers from our website!

Can you use static clings outdoors?

Technically you can use your clings anywhere. We wouldn’t want to spoil your fun. But our stickers won’t last as long if used outdoors. High humidity, rain, and low temperatures are just a few weather conditions that’ll reduce the lifespan of your static cling stickers. 

Where can I use my static cling decals?

Static cling stickers are designed to be used primarily on glass, and so bedroom, car, and shop windows are just a few of the popular options you could explore. Car window stickers are an excellent way of advertising your business on the go.

How do they stay in place?

Some people think it's static electricity that keeps cling stickers in place. But it isn’t. In fact, the smooth vinyl behaves a bit like a suction cup, encouraging it to bond to any flat surface. 

How you apply your decal is a different matter and will depend on the sticker’s size and the area you want to apply it to. But let’s use glass for the purposes of our illustration.

How to apply your stickers:

  1. First, clean the area and wait for it to dry. Next, remove your static cling sticker’s backing and – in the case of glass – spray the surface with water. 
  2. Apply the exposed portion and begin peeling. Then remove any air bubbles using a flat instrument (ideally something soft, so you can’t damage the sticker).
  3. Wipe down the edges of your decal

Can I move a cling sticker?

Of course. Once you’ve applied your decal you might decide to place it elsewhere. All you need to do is carefully peel it off the surface while preventing the material from touching itself. You can then reposition your static cling sticker wherever you like.

What are they best used for?

Our stickers come in a range of styles, shapes, and colours and are ideal for businesses and individuals. Whether you want a large decal to place in a shop window, small static cling stickers for an event, or decals to celebrate a special occasion, you’ll be able to find your perfect match. 

You can choose from white or clear window stickers, to get the perfect aesthetic for your needs. Customise your stickers to fit your branding!

Are they expensive?

Static cling stickers are surprisingly affordable – not least of all because you can reuse them. Why not order a sample pack before taking the plunge to see what you think? 

And if you’re looking for other forms of stickers and labels, check out our full range of products! From personalised address labels to beautiful wedding stickers that will make your big day extra special, there really is something to suit every need and occasion. With StickerShop, you can count on our attention to detail and quality materials. 

Freel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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