The many benefits of using waterproof labels
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The many benefits of using waterproof labels

01 Mar, 2019

The many benefits of using waterproof labels

The many benefits of using waterproof labels

The many benefits of using waterproof labels 

There are so many benefits to using waterproof labels for your business or even for personal use. Waterproof vinyl stickers can be white or clear and used in a variety of exciting ways. Below we'll explore the benefits of using water-resistant labels, the various options that are available and how to best use them 

So many benefits

The great news is that there are so many different ways to use waterproof stickers. Not only are they durable and attractive, but they can withstand the wet and extreme weather conditions. They are also hugely economical to make, reusable and will not harm the environment. When using vinyl waterproof labels for a business you'll have peace of mind in knowing that the printed logos and information will remain intact with no smudges. On top of all this, you'll have a choice of colours and finishes. 

White or clear vinyl

You can choose to invest in white or clear vinyl waterproof labels. What you choose very much depends on your product and how you want to display your information. White waterproof labels stand out, making them suitable for brand information and a logo, while clear waterproof vinyl labels are highly suited to display ingredients and user instructions.

How they can be used

Waterproof and water-resistant labels are perfect for using on food packets and drink bottles. These can easily cope with the condensation from a fridge. Bath products such as shower gel are also suitable as the product information will not smudge when exposed to water and humidity. Indeed, the label can even be placed inside the bottle. Finally, waterproof labels have been designed for outdoor use, making them perfect for when you need to display products outdoors, such as plants or garden accessories. 

To find out more about our fantastic range of customised waterproof labels then please do get in touch with us today.

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