The advantages of choosing waterproof labels
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The advantages of choosing waterproof labels

23 Oct, 2020

The advantages of choosing waterproof labels

Waterproof stickers
You have decided it's time to get some stickers made for your latest project and you probably have an idea of what you want them to look like, but have you thought about how they will hold up to the Great British weather or repeated washing? Today, we’ll be sharing all the exciting advantages of choosing waterproof labels.
Printed paper labels can be a great starting point in the world of stickers and labelling, but they can lack the durability and long life you sometimes need, this is where water-resistant vinyl labels come in! Continue reading to find out everything you need to know. 

What are the key differences between water-resistant and printed paper labels?

StickerShop water-resistant labels and stickers are available in vinyl. This means they are not only resistant to water and weather but are also much generally more durable. 
They are not prone to tearing, cracking or fading like paper ones can be and are easier to remove in one piece when needed.
Water-resistant vinyl stickers can also be printed onto either white or transparent vinyl opening up more possibilities for unique designs reflecting your business or personal art style.

Why choose water-resistant?

Unlike printed paper labels, water-resistant labels won’t run or fade if they get wet. They are extremely versatile and make a great option for almost every situation - both indoors and out.
They’re great for labelling bottles and containers that will need to be regularly washed or used outside where they will be feeling the full force of the weather. They can easily be wiped down if they get dirty and can carry on looking great for years.

How sticky are your stickers?

At StickerShop we have a few answers to that question! Both of our clear and white vinyl water-resistant stickers come with the option of either permanent (great for when you want your stickers to stay put) or removable (ideal for use on things like book covers and as pricing stickers). We also offer a high tack adhesive option for when you want to make sure your labels aren’t going to go anywhere! 
These adhesives make our water-resistant labels even more versatile and suitable for virtually any project.

Style and substance

Our water-resistant stickers don’t just perform brilliantly but with the variety of colour and finish options available, they look amazing too. Whether you choose full colour, stylish black and white, fluorescent, metallic, gloss or matte finish, quality is always guaranteed. We can also cut your labels to any shape or size you need meaning whatever your design requirements, we’ve got you covered.

A sticker as hard-working as you are

You work hard to make your business a success, so you need your promotional material and labels to do the same. 
Water-resistant vinyl stickers are especially durable as the colour is embedded into the plastic meaning they won’t fade, even when exposed to the elements they will remain vibrant and easy to read. As a result, these stickers have a much longer life than printed paper ones making them a great investment for promoting your business, products, events or artwork.

The results are in!

As you can see water-resistant vinyl labels are clearly the hero of the sticker world; truly versatile, durable and stylish they are perfect for any product or business promotion.
With StickerShop vinyl labels you can let loose with your creative side, with any shape, size or finish you could need available through our website. However, if you don’t see what you are after or you have any questions, why not get in touch with our friendly team who are waiting to help you.

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