Perfect price labels - 4 essential tips
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Perfect price labels - 4 essential tips

24 Sep, 2019

Perfect price labels - 4 essential tips

Perfect price labels - 4 essential tips

Price labels are not only a practical necessity for any retailer, but they can also be a great opportunity to inform your customers and share your brand identity. If you have a stunning product, you don't want to let it down with hastily handwritten price labels or dated neon stickers. Creating professional price labels that match your brand is simple with Sticker Shop. These four simple tips will help you create price labels that are practical and stylish too. Before you go ahead with your sticker printing, keep these four essential price label tips in mind.

Can you read it?

We all know how frustrating it is when a price label is illegible. It could be scrappy handwriting, smudged ink or simply terrible printing, but it's embarrassing to have to ask about price, and often can stop a purchase. As a business owner, you'll know how important every sale is, and how important streamlining the buying process is. When you are choosing your custom stickers, make sure you have a clear font, an easily readable colour against the background and that there are no errors. Check the free PDF proof from Sticker Shop, and maybe get a friend to make sure they can clearly read the labels too. It's important that your labels are legible for the customer and the shop assistant, which is why professional sticker printing is such a good idea. 

Complementing your brand

Price labels that complement your brand show attention to detail and care that is perfect for modern, design-led businesses. When it comes to crafting your brand, the smallest detail matters, and beautiful price labels can make a strong impact. If your brand is artisan and handmade, then consider a more casual font and muted colours. For a bargain discount product where the price is key, choose bold colours like red and white and consider a larger price label. If your brand is environmentally conscious, make sure you choose eco-friendly paper price labels too. Choose colours from your brand guidelines, play around with die-cut paper labels and consider where the labels will be stuck on the product. 

How sticky is too sticky?

Another challenge with price labels is making sure they are easily removable but secure enough to stay on the product. This is especially true if your product could be a gift and the customer will want to be able to remove the label without any marks to the product. It is also important that your price labels are still strong enough to stay on the product during transportation or when being handled by customers. At Sticker Shop, we have carefully crafted our price labels with permanent and removable adhesive options that are perfect for your products. 

Size matters

When it comes to price labels, size matters. You want to make sure your prices are large enough to be easily read from a distance but small enough that they don't overwhelm the product. This is entirely dependant on what product you are selling, so try a few sizes to get it right. You may also want to include a barcode for your till system, or some extra information, which will mean you need a larger price label. For more expensive, luxury products, a discrete, small price label can be more appealing. For products that are bought quickly, like food and drink items, the price labels need to be large enough to be read fast. Use Sticker Shop's free artwork guide to make sure that your print is suitable too.

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