4 ways your business can use custom printed stickers this holiday seas
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4 ways your business can use custom printed stickers this holiday seas

18 Dec, 2019

4 ways your business can use custom printed stickers this holiday season

4 ways your business can use custom printed stickers this holiday season

The holiday season is a festive time when people make extraordinary efforts to meet up with all of their friends and loved ones. It's also a significant retail period due to the emphasis on gift-giving and spreading generosity. The most crucial aspect of the Christmas period for businesses is to engage with the spirit of the month and ensure that your marketing is embracing the festivities. Customers are always appreciative when companies pay attention to detail and it's even more important at this time of the year when competition is fierce in the commercial sector. With printed stickers, however, you can easily make sure your company's logo is front and centre in several creative and innovative ways.

Opt for a new Christmas design

There's nothing better for customers and clients than seeing a business sticker that has embraced a bit of the Christmas spirit. You can do this subtly by adding a bow or holly leaf to your existing sticker design or opt for an entirely new, eye-catching look. Perhaps you might want to add a cheerful 'Merry Christmas!' to your existing printed labels. You can even order a range of price labels with festive designs to advertise sales and highlight price drops in the weeks leading up to the big day.

Add custom printed stickers to your holiday parcels

If you're a company that ships products to your customers, you have the perfect opportunity to reinforce your brand when your item arrives on their doorstep. In addition to opting for Christmas packaging colours, such as reds and golds, you can seal a postage envelope with one of your holiday custom labels and let clients know immediately who has sent the package. This month is one of the busiest times for online shopping, so it's crucial to opt for memorable and dynamic packaging that will ensure that your clients remember your brand and repurchase again throughout the upcoming year.

Include a personal sales touch

Another tip for businesses that are sending out packages this Christmas is to add a quick personal message to each customer. With sticker printing, you can choose to order a batch of printed stickers that extend good wishes to your customers or thank them for their loyalty throughout the year. You can place these stickers on the receipts in the boxes or add them to the outside of the packaging to make them immediately visible. With waterproof stickers, there's no need to worry about the wind and rain affecting their integrity. If your company runs from a brick and mortar store, you can also add the stickers to the printed receipts and ensure that your clients leave with a smile on their faces.

Advertise a special offer with printed stickers

If you want to increase sales in the run-up to Christmas, you can also order a collection of printed stickers advertising a unique offer or discount code. You can add these to your regular mailing letters that you send to customers or, to push repeat sales even further, you can even put them inside the box when you send out clients' online orders. Many customers will be tempted to order again when they've seen their products firsthand and have been given a unique code that incentivises them to do so. As a result, your business could benefit from an immediate repeat order with just a small gesture of goodwill. Of course, stickers are quick and easy to use so it will take your warehousing team just moments to apply and the sales benefits could be extensive.

At StickerShop, we offer a wide range of custom stickers to suit all types of businesses. For more information about our services, contact a member of our team today.

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