Labels That We Love 3 - Beer Labels
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Labels That We Love 3 - Beer Labels

28 Apr, 2022

Labels That We Love 3 - Beer Labels

As you may well know, we’re partial to a good label here at StickerShop. Great packaging, whether on coffee bags, wine bottles, or any other product, is a great way to attract customers and showcase your unique brand identity. In this article, we’re going to explore some of our favourite beer labels. 

Will any of these inspire your own branding? Why not create your own bespoke stickers and custom bottle labels?

Wiper & True - Kaleidoscope 


Wiper & True Printed Kaleidoscope Can


Why we love it: Wiper & True’s Kaleidoscope can is modern and minimal — just like the brewery’s delicious beer. By opting for a white beer can, Bristol brewers Wiper & True buck the trend and go against the grain (excuse the pun!) A pale can for a pale ale. Gold illustrations across the beer varieties create a sense of unity and brand identity. 


Arbor - Faked Alaska 


Can of Arbor Beer with Printed Label


Why we love it: While Wiper & True opts for a pale colour palette, Arbor’s designers are masters in striking, colourful labels. This is particularly apparent in their Faked Alaska pudding IPA packaging. A bold yellow label contrasts against the black can and offers an autumnal colour scheme that beautifully complements the brown leaf logo.


Left Handed Giant - Citra & Cashmere Pale 


Can of Left Handed Giant Beer with Printed Label


Why we love it: Another Bristol brewer, Left Handed Giant, shows how much variety there can be in beer packaging designs. In contrast to Arbor’s bold, dark yellow, this brand goes for a sleek silver can and a vibrant turquoise label, with flashes of light yellow throughout. The pattern, reminiscent of planets, adds to the space-age feel of this Citra & Cashmere Pale.

We also like the fact that the colours match the citra hops used in the beer, evoking the refreshing beverage contained inside.


Lost & Grounded - Helles 


Lost and Grounded Can of Beer with Printed Label


Why we love it: Who knew Bristol was so renowned for artisan beer? Another local brewer with fantastic label design is Lost & Grounded. Their Helles beer can features beautiful illustrations that really stand out. A soft colour palette and imagery of cute critters against a pastoral landscape add a gentle twist to the industry. 

As stated on the L&G website, “Helles exemplifies everything we aim to achieve as lager brewers. Rolling hills, open fields and happy times with friends.” The can label exemplifies just this, don’t you think?


Skinner’s - Porthleven 


Printed Label on Skinners Beer Bottle


Why we love it: From rolling Bristol hills to the Cornish coast: it’s onto Skinner’s Porthleven beer bottle. Named after the town known for a famous surfing wave, this label design showcases the coastal landscape. The bottle sticker uses a fun surfing illustration and bold colours for a contemporary design with a retro twist. 


Brewgooder - Lager


Printed Can of Brewgooder Lager


Why we love it: The final design on our list contrasts Porthleven greatly. Brewgooder’s Lager packaging is incredibly simple yet effective. No illustrations, just modern, minimal waves of colour printed directly onto the silver can. 

While not strictly a label, we still love this eye-catching orange design. By keeping both the imagery and the text simple, it’s clear and easy to read — it really does what it says on the can.


Designing your own bespoke stickers and labels

If these fun and varied designs have given you a bit of inspiration, why not create your own labels? You can follow our tips on how to design bottle labels and use our straightforward process to produce high-quality, professional stickers. 

With StickerShop, you can customise every aspect of your labels — from material and shape to adhesive type and finish. Whether you want to order bottle labels, address labels, or even trade stickers, get started now! And feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we’d be happy to help with your project.




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