Why Stickers Make A Great Packaging Insert
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Why Stickers Make A Great Packaging Insert

15 Mar, 2019

Why Stickers Make A Great Packaging Insert

Why Stickers Make A Great Packaging Insert
As e-commerce continues to flourish, business owners have to find new ways to market their brand. One method that has gained popularity is Package Insert. Package insert is an additional item incorporated into shipments before they are delivered to customers. This adds value to the shipment and is useful in promoting the brand. Customers do not have to pay an additional fee to receive this as it serves as a gift from the online seller.

From thank you notes to product samples, there are different types of packaging inserts to consider. If you want unique, inexpensive inserts that you can include in your product, custom stickers are a great idea. Here are some compelling reasons why they make a perfect marketing tool.

It gets noticed easily
Opening packages can be an exciting moment for online shoppers, especially if they have received their orders in perfect condition. If this already makes them feel delighted, you can only imagine how happy they will be if they find out that there is a freebie included in the package. You can put a die-cut sticker with an inspirational quote or a creative pun along with the logo of your brand. This way, you will be able to advertise your brand, once they stick it on their notebook, mobile phone case or their laptop.

Free delivery of message
Since the shipment of the package has already been paid, you might as well take advantage of it. Adding an extra few grams of package insert will not cost you. Along with the custom-printed sticker, put in a handwritten thank you note as well. Your customers will appreciate your effort and this may
 just prompt them to make another purchase with you.

It is cost-effective
If you have a small business and you don’t have a huge budget for marketing, putting stickers as package inserts is perfect for you. Custom-printed stickers can advertise your product effectively and yield high returns without breaking the bank.

It is customisable
It is important to get personal when interacting with your customers. Giving stickers with personalised designs and messages can gain attention and will make your buyers feel valued. Now that you have a happy customer, you may request for a social media shout-out, product reviews or customer feedback. Social media mentions are also a great way to promote your brand.

It converts
Package inserts are known to work well in acquiring and retaining customers. Putting free samples, discount coupons and well-designed stickers can improve customer experience and may convert your leads into sales. If you get the marketing strategy right, you can even double the conversion. But of course, your inserts much be interesting to draw attention.

Marketing with package inserts such as stickers can test your current niche and bolster the sales of your online store. Make sure to take this opportunity to strengthen brand awareness and customer loyalty. Consider what works best for your customer base and seek ways on how to utilise package inserts to your advantage!

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