What are the benefits of vinyl sticker printing?
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What are the benefits of vinyl sticker printing?

23 Jan, 2020

What are the benefits of vinyl sticker printing?

What are the benefits of vinyl sticker printing?

If you are considering having labels or stickers printed, you will most likely be considering vinyl stickers as a viable option. In this blog post, we explore why vinyl sticker printing is a great option for many individuals and businesses and take a look at the various vinyl sticker options in more detail.

Incredibly versatile

Unlike other materials, vinyl can withstand oil and water damage without its appearance or quality altering, this makes it ideal for use in a number of locations, e.g. both indoor and outdoor, and for a variety of products, e.g. food labels. Waterproof adhesive and UV resistant ink ensure that vinyl stickers placed outdoors can withstand the rain and harsh sun without smudging or fading in colour.

Unlimited possibilities

Vinyl sticker printing can be completed in numerous shapes, and the finished vinyl stickers can be additionally cut to any size. Vinyl can be cut easily, ensuring should you suddenly be struck with inspiration to create a new sticker shape, you can create it effortlessly.

Which vinyl sticker printing option is right for you?

There are multiple vinyl sticker options available, we discuss some of the most popular options below…

Clear vinyl stickers and labels

Clear vinyl stickers are very popular as they have an 'invisible' effect. As the stickers do not have a coloured background, the sole focus of the sticker is the logo/label, making this design very popular for brands who value the aesthetics of their company.

High tack vinyl stickers and labels

If you need ultra long-lasting vinyl stickers, high tack vinyl may be the right choice for you. High tack vinyl stickers and labels provide an extra secure stick, meaning they are suitable for applying to almost every surface, including wood, without peeling or cracking.

Fluorescent vinyl stickers and labels

Want to grab people's attention quickly? Fluorescent vinyl labels and stickers capitalise on the neon trend and are available in red, green, orange and yellow vinyl. Bright vinyl stickers are particularly popular with marketing campaigns as they capture attention quickly.

Metallic vinyl stickers and labels

Like fluorescent vinyl, metallic vinyl stickers, available in a range of finishes from gold to mirrored silver, are incredibly attention-grabbing and have a luxurious feel. If you want to send a message of elegance and quality with your labels and stickers, metallic vinyl stickers may be the right option for you.

Waterproof vinyl stickers and labels for every occasion

Water-resistant labels are available in either a permanent or removable adhesive, ensuring that you can select the finish that best suits the requirements of your labels and stickers. For stickers that may need to be removed, e.g. stickers that are for promotional offers, a removable adhesive is a great option.

Aside from adhesive, vinyl stickers can also be customised via different aesthetic finishes. Custom stickers are available in either a matte or gloss finish, ensuring no matter what style of sticker or label you need, it is possible to create it with vinyl sticker printing.

Get custom stickers and labels printed today!

If you need vinyl stickers or would like advice about which vinyl sticker is right for you, contact StickerShop today! Our expert printing team is made up of sticker and label specialists who would love to help you create the perfect sticker for your needs or business. Our order system is simple to use, ensuring you can receive your stickers and labels as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

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